Realtors accountability Organization

Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address OR CURRENT RESIDENT, 2575 Mc Cabe Way

Realtors accountability Organization Reviews

  • Mar 5, 2018

Joele watson lied and ripped us off in the sale of our property by making us sellout beautiful home for over $250,000.00 below market and the appraisers valuation. Common practice by her and former husband jim watson. All our neighbors at our special board community meeting state as well. Surterre realtors should be ashamed of what they have in their ranks - joele watson. Anything for a buck And potential sexual claims) we have been told by other real estate agents in that company. The other orange county agents just detest her we have been told by several of those realtors. We only print what we have clearly confirmed. We also have confirmed other real estate companies Scared of her tactics and transactions that do not stay together in many cases and some end up in litigation with homeowners) just will not evens how her listings nor speak with her. "pure danger" they say. Poor homeowners our group says.

This is not "sour grapes" as our group of homeowners are not even in the real estate business. Nor would we ever b, since this jo jo who has tainted the industry so poorly.

However, it is confirmed that joel watson, "jo jo" uses her "sex appeal and approaches" to her end. No pun intended. Her technique of common threats of false sexual abuse, excessive flirting, "touching" and client harassment have kept her clients at bay and for her at surterre realtors.

A promoter with bravo tv show commented on how she pushed her way on to the bravo real estate wars show. It was "continuous obsessed harassment they said.

Bravo said she was screaming that she would be on that show or else there will be no show in orange county! we were told this and reconfirmed such. "black mail" bravo commented. And now she will never be seen on any show again as her ratings were so low, the few viewers thought it and her performance of greed, meanness and trickery were all in bad taste. Same for her performance. Hysterical, other real estate agents commented and so shameful for their industry. Industry.

No wonder she is onto her 4th husband and so many failed Or planned) engagements- where she always kept the lavish expensive engagement rings. She was said to pull that on the owner of the dallas cowboys in a post on google we pulled up. Anyway - too much time spent on her and her negativity and techniques. Here is our / your conniving beauty - jo jo joele watson. Ms. Invisible!

Here is "jo jo" joele watson- the invisible -

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