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  • Apr 22, 2014

I ordered Windows 7 Professional Upgrade retail (part number FQC00130). The cost was $104.99. While that would have been a really good price, it turned out that it was was too good to me true.

Instead of shipping me the genuine product, they sent me an email with a product key. The confirmation email had a return address of The activation email had a return address of The instructions said to register at to download the product.

At this point, they already had my money. I wasn't about to risk infecting my computer, too.

I called Microsoft and asked them if the product key is legit. (I figured that it wasn't (since legit software isn't sold this way), but I wanted to hear it from them) Turns out that the product key is for Windows 7 Enterprise. The only legitimate way to purchase Windows 7 Enterprise is through Microsoft's volume licensing program. Volume license software is downloaded from Microsoft, not ""smartsoftwaresupport.""

Tried calling the company at 877-563-0091. When you call that number all you get is a robo-voice recording. Tried emailing their tech support at That email bounced. Tried submitting an RMA request to their website. No response.

Finally, I went to the bank and disputed the charge on my credit card. It might take some time to get the charges reversed, but at least I won't die of old age waiting for these jokers to refund my money.

I wish I had found this site before wasting my time and money on this.

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  • Sep 23, 2014

This happened to me but you have to smarter

I will say that this happened to me at first.

They actually tried to give you a digital copy.

It says that when you purchase, right there on the icon. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

Now, the process of activating was irritating, albeit minor.

They kept trying to give me Office 2013 instead of Office 2010.

Free upgrad they said. But I don't want 2013 until they fix their email MB size errors.

All in all I would say it is a small business but once I got onto the chat support I was talking to someone within 2 minutes and they were able to resend me the Office 2010 link.

You just have to read and be smart.

They are not a scam.

I have purchased 7 copies of 2010 for the office and am buying another one right now.

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  • Apr 16, 2014

I was looking to purchase Microsoft Windows 7 and was looking for the lowest price. I did a search 3/27/2014 and Tech Supply King showed the lowest price.The prices seemed too low and it caused me to look harder into this website. I did a web search on how to identify a fake site, and found a tool called Copyscape.

Copyscape looks at all sites and compares the info to find simularities on other websites. It found Tech Stop Illinois and Tech Supply King are very simular, almost the same, only a few details were different. I read the info on Tech Supply King on 3/27/2014 and the business address was 1046 W Kinzie St. Chicago, IL 60642. This address was Googled and it was a possible vacant office space for lease. I looked agian the day after and the address was changed to 2483 Patterson Fork Road, Chicago,IL 60610.

I did a search for that location and wasn't able to find this as a real address. The change was resently done because the old Kinzie address was still on the web page, but the Patterson Fork Road address came up on the search results for Tech Supply King.

The site looked like it is a site that will steal your personal info and credit info.

A lot of peaple, including myself, are looking to upgrade from Windows XP, since support by Microsoft is being discontinued.

A site like this may be looking to capitalize on the flood of comsumers looking for a newer Windows version.

Avoid this site!

There is a great chance that you will be scamed!

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  • May 28, 2014

Tech supply king - A phony website

All of the info reported on this phony website is true. I also purchased win 7 home premium as a disc and got a download instead. A live chat produced nothing but lies. I ordered the disc in mid April. I have had several live chats with promises that a disc would be delivered within 3-4 days. That has happened 5 times now and the disc has not been received yet. I have contacted my credit card issuer and filed a dispute. The charge did come from Canada and was paid on 20 May, 2014. It will be interesting to see if the money paid can be recouped.

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  • Apr 2, 2014

I purchased Microsoft Office, Had issues getting it to work so did the chat with the web site, so they went into my computer- well then they went to see what I looked like, and then sent messages wanting to be my friend. and this went on for hours he would not get off my computer. He stayed on the camera to see what was going on my house, waited for 4 hours until I got back and said he waited to see me because I was beautiful and hot. I finally got him to get off my computer by telling him *** Howard*** I would talk later... He took over my word docs, my pictures, my wallpapers, changed my screensavers, I have been a nervous wreck since then.

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  • Jul 7, 2014

You desperately need to reformat your hard drive

They will still be able to access your computers camera as you have given them permission to be on your side of the firewall via the "smart software support" process they made you go through.

Sorry to bring bad news but better late than never

  • Jul 6, 2014

Tech Supply King (RIP OFF KING) order windows 7 disc got download didn't want

First off this is what will show up on your credit card IKONA YUMSOFTWARECENTE TORONTO ON

I understand they are in Canada? They charged my credit card 76.10 and refunded me back only 67.74 They are bate and switch kings and when you catch them at it they still screw you.

Here is my chat with a dude named Preston, cause they don't answer the phone.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Preston'

Preston: Hello and welcome to Smart Software Support! My name is Preston and I am your software specialist. What questions can I help you answer today?

Tim: I just purchased windows 7 professional and on the website it shows that I will be getting a dell reinstalation disc, I did not want a down load

Tim: here is the link

Preston: Please give me a couple of minutes to bring up your order and take a look

about 3 mins go by

Tim: Do I have to call and cancel

Tim: Are you in India

More deley

Tim: What the ***

Preston: Hi Tim

Preston: Okay, I see what happened. When your order was processed, our system notified us that the physical media for your title is on a bit of a backorder

Preston: With the recent surge of demand for Windows 7 due to Windows XP losing support on April 8th, the discs are now on a slight backorder

Preston:The item is still set to be shipped to you, but in the meantime we provided you with the media available through a download file, so it wouldn't cause any potential delays for you

Tim:No just cancel my order now

Tim:Or do I need to call my credit card company?

Preston:Yeah let me refund you Tim



Preston:Is your refund confirmation number

Preston:I was going to tell you the discs are shipping tomorrow Tim

Preston:But since you are so impatient and rude, its best to refund you

Preston:The funds have been released to your bank, they will make them visible on your card in 1-2 business days


Tim:I don't know how to respond to a bate and switch expert

Preston:Bait and switch?

Tim: yeah

Preston:You ordered the disc, and at the time of the order our system was unaware the discs were on backorder

Preston:There was no bait and switch at all

Preston:So instead of this causing a delay for you, we provided you with the media

Tim:will fix your system


Preston:And the discs were still set to arrive to you

Preston:I was busy at the beginning of our chat, as I was dealing with 10 others

Tim:and don't make your problem

Tim:my problem

Preston:And you were too impatient to let me tell you that the disc will be shipping from our warehouse tomorrow

Preston:Its nobodys problem


Preston:Its our problem

Preston:Now you have the money returned to you

Preston:so now your problem will be finding Windows 7 Pro at a similar price that you paid with us

Tim:10 others with problems

Preston:nice joke

Preston:2-3 installation problems

Preston:6-7 sales inquiries

Tim:I guess we are done unless you want to insult me some more

Preston:Sorry if you felt I was insulting you

Preston:I just dont appreciate your smart comments at the beginning of the chat

Preston:Makes it impossible to properly take care of your order and explain things to you

Preston:So its best to refund you, and not waste more time on your order

Preston:We have parted ways

Preston:Take care Tim

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  • Jul 7, 2014

Buyer extra beware

I purchased outlook 2013 and received a download link for the complete office pack.

Problem was the activation key doesn't work. Phone and email support doesn't work so you are forced to use the online chat.

Trick here is that they want to remotely control your computer. It's their objective. Do not let them!

They are good at their craft. Check your activation email with all the links to customer service,, tech supply and after they have bitten you and suddenly they don't work any more.

Buyer extra beware. Run a mile away from them. Fast.

  • Jun 20, 2014

Paid for a Windows 7 hard copy version mid April, and after I paid for it they said it was sold out, but they were expecting more later. In the meantime they offered a downloadable version of Windows 7 with tech support. I am leary of downloading anything like this, and have been warned not to by my computer expert. I have repeatedly emailed them asking when I can expect the hard copy but the only response I get is to contact their operators and they can help me download the program. I explained that I purchased a hard copy and I do not want to download anything. I asked them to refund my money if they were not going to send me the hard copy I paid for. They stopped responding to my emails. I want to report them as a rip off site. I hope others will not loose their money with them. It is now June 20th and the company has yet to resolve this problem.

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  • May 20, 2014

scam windows 7 retail box

I ordered the retail box and got the download. When I disputed this(with somebody named "Preston"), they reduced the price to the download price and promised to send me the retail box in 7-10 days. This was on March 31. It is now May 20 and all calls to their 877 number get a robo voice that says all their tech support people are busy and after a while it hangs up.

If I don't get the package within the next five days, I will be reporting them to the BBB and anybody else. They are a rip-off

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  • Apr 11, 2014

I did a google search for Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business download- I did a price sort on google and found it was the lowest price seemed legit. Don't go for the cheapest.. as I did to save a few bucks, I paid 104.99- I regret it.. I have wasted hours trying to resolve this... Also odd I looked today a day later and the same product is 149.99..

You have to register on their site to purchase (nothing to irregular there) but you have to do your download from their site too- I was sent a confirmation email reciept from a nondescript email address- it just says and in the subjesct line only a Invoice number.

I tried to download as what seemed like a hundred of pop-ups are screeming around the screen- they loaded tool bar items and five other items I've since deleted on my computer- although yet to be able to get ride of Yahoo search.

The download never would go- I worked with two techs at the supposed 'Smart Software Support' I was disconnected 5 times. Then forwarded to the supposed specialist who worked my computer remotely.. It seemed to be taking way too long and seemed fishy. I shut off the computer fully- I hope they did not get any of my info but who's to know. I paid with my VISA card so I know they have that info. I tried to email them to resolve and they keep emailing me back the same cut and paste response to 'join them on the online chat'.

This has been a huge waste of time and has me very nervous about identity theft.

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  • Sep 23, 2014

Not as bad as everyone says

Wouldn't give them more than 3 stars but they are not that bad.

I have purchased 7 copies over the last 6 months, all digital.

Had a few mishaps but once I got onto the chat everything was fixed.

Just a headache when the first code doesn't work.

They actually attempt to give you a 2013 update if you buy office 2010, which is silly because office 2013 blows.

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  • Jul 16, 2014

Bait and Switch Company

This was my chat I had with Jasmine regarding my purchase of Windows 7 professional 64 Bit.

Jasmine: Hello and welcome to Smart Software Support! My name is Jasmine and I am your software specialist. What questions can I help you answer today?

Landis: can i get a refund?

Jasmine: may i know what problem you are facing

Landis: i was under the impression that i was recieving a disc with a key and not a download

Jasmine: Please give me a couple of minutes to bring up your order and take a look

Landis: ok

Jasmine: Okay, I see what happened. When your order was processed, our system notified us that the physical media for your title is on a bit of a backorder

Jasmine: With the recent surge of demand for Windows 7 due to Windows XP losing support on April 8th, the discs are now on a slight backorder

Jasmine: The item is still set to be shipped to you, but in the meantime we provided you with the media available through a download file, so it wouldn't cause any potential delays for you

Landis: Could you cancel the order? and refund my money please.

Jasmine: can i burn the disc for you now

Landis: no. i dont want you to burn the disc. I am not interested in this bait and switch company. I insist that you refund me

Jasmine: ok will send you the DVD soon

Jasmine: may know the shipping address

Landis: do you not understand me? I want a refund

Landis: i've asked nicely three times now.

Jasmine: Landis give me a chance i'm giving assurance we will send you the DVD as soon as possible

Jasmine: so please give me shipping address

Landis: if you were actually going to ship me the product with the product key you would already of known my shipping address. I have read several reviews about this company and I don't want to do business with you anymore.

Jasmine: ok give me your shipping address

Landis: so again. can i please have a refund? a request that any normal company would grant when the service isn't what the customer expected

Jasmine: ok your order is cancelled now

Jasmine: you can check your bank details

Jasmine: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

Jasmine: Have a great day and take care!

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

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  • Jul 2, 2014

Great Deal! Great Software!

I bought Microsoft office 2010 from and they were more than helpful getting the software installed, they went on remotely and didn't touch any of my files or anything like the person above said.

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  • Jul 7, 2014

Rotten deal! Rotten software!

And let me guess you just stumbled upon this website and it's post because the great deal you received was keeping you up at night and you thought you would google search to check if there where others that didn't receive the amazing deal you had to cure the insomnia. Sure.

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  • Jun 30, 2014

Buyer Beware

My story is similar to many others on here and elsewhere on the web. Thought I was going to save a few bucks by ordering Win 7 Home edition for $61 for an online download. The download link immediately takes you to a screen that announces you've been "upgraded" to Win 7 Professional for no extra charge (red flag!). The download link seemed to work, but my install crashed every time no matter what I tried. I used the tech support chat, and in a weak moment, I let them take control of my computer to do the install for me. 3 hours later, and they still didn't get it to work, then they wanted me to get on another of my computers! At that point, I'd had enough, and was worried about viruses, identity theft, etc.

I emailed them and asked for a refund. I received an email response telling me to log into the chat for assistance. It took several days and several chat sessions, but I actually did finally get a refund on my credit card (though they deducted around $5, but by that point, I was relieved to get any of it back).

At best, this company is sketchy and should be avoided. At worst, it's criminal. Stay away! The frustration you will encounter is simply not worth the possibility of saving a few bucks.

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  • Jun 21, 2014

They sell Volume licenced Windows 8.1 as OEM or Retail Licenced Windows 8.1

I did not mind downloading an affordable Windows 8.1 OEM Operating System with an additional product key delivered by e-mail. I do that more often with software, almost Always worked out fine.

However, these Tech Supply Kings, sold me a cheap and useless Volume Licenced system that was checked by Microsoft With the product key they traced it to the licence holder Microsoft VL.. Not that surprising! They also checked the key and no doubt about it, Tech Supply King supplies Volume Licenced Windows 8.1.

When I confronted them on their chat support they kept repeating: "this is NOT a Volume Licence, this is NOT a Volume Licence. Do you want a refund or not?"

I decided on a refund while thinking they must be joking.. If they make money out of posing as Microsoft Certified Partner and selling illegally Volume Licences that are never to be downloaded like this, yeah they will surely refund me!

After the chat support hung up on me and I was collecting data for informing Microsoft further I found out they blocked my IP address to their site!

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  • Jul 7, 2014

Blocked me also

Cheeky buggers. !!!

I would say they go one better than blocking your IP address. Check the links on your original email transaction for customer service and you may find like me that they have blocked any device using the hyperlinks. Clever stuff. Unfortunately clever here is not good for us the customer.

Do not let them remotely access your computer at all costs.

If you already have you need to move fast. Go offline as your computer is compromised and reformat your hard drive as a minimum.


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  • Jun 18, 2014


I should have did my research. Purchased Microsoft Office Home and Student. 69.99. Like everyone else, had problems. The download didn't work, one of the phone numbers listed is a non working number, the other a robo voice stating use their live chat. Worked for several hours to resolve this over a two day period. live Chat kept dropping. They wanted to access my computer remotely. NOT!! Gave up and wanted a refund. They told me to email Preston. I will dispute the charge with my bank. Terrible experience. Didn't want to give them one star.

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  • Apr 21, 2014

Shopping Cart

Product Name Unit Price Qty Subtotal

SHB :: Office 2013 Home & Business T5D-01575DL $ 129.89 - Order Number : 90635Order Date : 2014-Mar-26 | Order Type : Order | Order Status : Paid | Print Invoice,Product Ordered Activation Key Licenses.

..what i recieved was microsoft office 2013 plus and a product code for hup, micosoft rep. just told me it is for gov. employees bank shows toronto canada is where my money went..scam advisore states techsupplyking is located in the united states,however the real location is being blocked..scamadvisore shows website owner located in panama.

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  • Jun 18, 2015

Screwed here too

I purchased what was supposed to be Windows 7 Pro, It was all good for about a year the this appeared "Windows 7 Build 7601 This copy of Windows not genuine". So I called Microsoft and after reviewing the product key it turns out that it is for Windows 7 Enterprise volume license. And the website to TechSupplyKing is no longer up. There is no way to contact them. Also my CCD was billed from Canada okomayumsoft or something like that, and my online statement was from Chicago with different amounts for the totals on each. Preston if I ever find you, You will pay!!!

  • Apr 15, 2015

TechSupplyKIng is no more

if you read all the above postings you will see a negative trend. I ordered 3 copies of Win 7 Pro in April 2014 because it was the lowest price and I called them by phone to pay by credit card and negotiated a quantity price.

First license exceeded number, they gave me another.

Months later I tried to activate the second license, again - exceeded number of licenses, called and got a new number now second number was activated.

Today April 15 2014, after MS patch Tuesday, second number comes up blocked by MS as not genuine. TechsupplyKing is and was a bad company selling Enterprise KPMS volume licensing even when customers asked if it was a volume license, they lied.

Contacted Microsoft and they confirmed the licenses were exceeded for the limits. URLs chat support and web site are no more.

Lesson learned, beware of the lowest price and get a COA Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Feb 24, 2015

Added software to windows 7, now currupt

"My son had ordered windows 7 from TSK. The supplier made us download other software other than windows 7. Right off the bat, the additional software added other unwanted programs to his computer and to internet browsers. The computer work so bad, that the computer ran slow. My wife took the computer to a computer shop. They recommended to replace the OS, the disk was corrupt. I tried to locate the email, that we downloaded the software had disappeared. "

  • Sep 12, 2014

On 7/21/14 I purchased Win7 Pro after being assured that it was an authentic MS product. The sales rep claimed that the official DVD's were on back order but that I could download it and install it anyway, and that the official DVDs would be sent when available in 10 days. Last week, after 6 wks, I contacted the company and a rep was claiming that the DVDs were still on back order but that my downloaded copy was authentic because it had installed without problems. I warned him that I would report his company for fraud and software piracy if I did not receive the promised authentic DVD within 14 days. Today, when I was reporting them to Microsoft via the online reporting form, I discovered that all Tech Supply King URLs were "404". Not only does it appear that the company really was selling illegal pirated copies of MS and other software, but they seem to have closed up and disappeared.

  • Aug 26, 2014

Scam - Microsoft-Verified Illegal sale of volume license keys

We ordered physical media but were sent license keys immediately with false invoices making it look like we purchased downloaded products. Phony e-mail addresses. Then the downloads were from rogue sites. When I checked with Microsoft they confirmed these are volume licenses that can be and have been activated hundreds of times each. Their customer service line probably one single jerk who gets really impatient, regardless of the name. The media was "always on backorder".

Illegal. Report these guys to your credit card company and to Microsoft and to and help put them behind bars. What a mission it is to get a refund from the credit card company. Thanks alot Mastercard. this is what piracy looks like and you're not helping it at all. Stay away. Ignore the people who claim this site is great. It's just the site owner.

  • Aug 25, 2014

Purchased Microsoft Office 2013 for $79 received a link for an illegal download of office 2013 and an invalid product key. The charge made to my card was from an unrelated name (Ikona Yumsoftwarecent), plus the link for the software installation and activation details came from and in the end the software is illegal and the product key is invalid. Reason: license has achieved all users under its license.

I contacted my credit card company and issued a charge back and received a refund and deleted the illegal software from my computer.

  • Jul 29, 2014

Sent E-mail to Tech Support explaining that I could not use "LIVE CHAT" for help with download because it got screwed up on my computer when they had me do a "Ctrl + 1" . I could not communicate with them with "LIVE CHAT" and thus could not download Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit. I asked for a refund per their "GUARANTEE". They continue to not address the problem and to date have not issued a refund. Their standard responce is to tell me to use their "LIVE CHAT" for help with the download.

  • Jul 26, 2014

Same problem everyone else is having!

I was given a download via email. Opened it up, didn't work. Live chat said I have to download winrar, what a mistake. The they wanted to access my computer remotely, NOT! Then "George" stopped chatting when I confronted him. Waste of money and time. Now I have an adware.win32.yotoon.abs "thing" on my computer. They infected me. Stay away from them!

  • Jul 24, 2014 supplied me with a product key and download link for a Windows 8.1 Pro OEM Licenced Operating System for 77,99 USD. After installing I noticed I was not able to add features to the system as I was supposed to be able to do.

After checking with Microsoft it appeared they sold me a Volume Licence.'s chat reps refused to admit and kept telling me I did not have a Volume licence and referred me to a manager on chat service hours later. This supposedly manager also kept telling that they checked the key and there was nothing wrong with it: No Volume Licence. They offered me a refund which I accepted.

After that I am not able to reach the website anymore!

  • Jul 4, 2014

Good experience here

I ordered 10 copies of Microsoft Office Home & Student and was supplied with 10 different product keys as expected. I downloaded the software for x32 and x64 machines and everything worked perfectly. Not sure why everyone is having issues but the price was the best I could find.

  • Apr 23, 2014

I've bought off TechSupplyKing 5 times and have never had an issue. Prices are cheap and service is top knotch. Thought I would share my 2 cents.

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