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  • Apr 7, 2015

I checked into the local Salvation Army around 3 or 4 days ago, and I am experiencing abuse by the manager, named Ronny. I have been asking for clean sheets for several days. I have tried to contact the Captain, and will be filing reports. I was denied and stalled about the sheets. When I asked for it, he was obnoxious, and growled at me, responding that I should go to the motel 6, if I want room service, and the sheets are not dirty. (I am disabled, and a single mother, and not a drug addict, alcoholic, or prostitute). I have never stayed here before, and am stunned at his agressive, and hostile behavior.

I heard from someone I talk to from time to time, you get seven days free. I am in dire need of housing, and have been on a waiting list for four months. I have spent 343 for a motel 6 for 7 days. I do keep clean. It means the world to me. I wash every week, and take daily showers, and am immaculate. So, when he told me this, I asked him why is he so angry. I am puzzled at his behavior. I try not to stereotype people. I am not obnoxious or agressive, and I shouldn't have to beg for clean sheets. I woke up with bumps on my face, after sleeping on the dirty, blue, sheets. I bought some hydrocortisone. I would have normally gone to the hospital, but have been so overwhelmed.

Sunday, this little girl named Anna came in the room to use the bathroom. I wasnt going to go breakfast. I just want sleep. I just came out of the hospital, and have been sleep deprived. I spoke to her, and went to check out their breakfast. She was really inoccent, and sweet. I asked what's on the menu. The response was, I dont know. Then I asked someone else, a older, blonde, stout lady. She said, biscuits and gravy. I spoke to a normal looking slender, Mexican lady, and got in line with her. The cook made eggs with sausage, hash browns, and biscuits. They had a large tub of butter, with 2 knives in it, jam, milk in little red or clear cups, that's about four ounces. It was a throwback scene from the 50's. I wondered if the cook had soap to wash the trays. He said, he rinses them off. He then puts them into a commercial dishwasher, that I have never seen before.

I smelt the sheets. There are six beds in the room. They assigned me number 6. I smelled like 4 of them. They smelled dirty. They do not have that laundered smell. Ronny doesnt care or get it. He is so proud he is a manager there. He lauded it over me, like it was a big deal. I thought, maybe it is a big deal to him, coming from not having a job, and living there, and its free rent. I told him I would wash the sheets. I offered him, and he said no. I am a female, and wouldnt try to steal his job. I would want more than that. I am disgusted. I want a clean, safe place to live in. Who would give dirty sheets to someone? I wouldn't. I am disgusted. I want a place of my own. I usually have that. The manager, where I lived brought in drug dealers, and blocked on renewing my lease, and that brought me on a downward spiral into homelessness. I am overwhelmed, and am needing justice.

  • Oct 22, 2014

Was recommended after hospital stay. Found out after I was there for a few weeks that the intake counselor was fired for drug use. The person was hired after going through their so called rehabilitation and character regeneration program. Employees are fired with complete disregard of their performance while the beneficiaries have no choice but to work as they are told. The Salvation Army ARC is like a vicious St.Bernard so to speak. Supposed to help but ends up hurting in the end. Beneficiaries are encouraged to look for work but at the same time are held back from making meaningful contacts with employers.The organization will keep taking people back time after time. It makes sense for the Salvation Army as it keeps their work force intact. Despite what the public is told the administrators of each ARC have their own agenda.

  • Apr 17, 2014

The Salvation Army forces most of their ""officers"", what they call their clergy, to attend officer training school. The school is the equivalent of an associates degree; a two year school that teaches accounting, church philosophy, management, and other necessary attributes to run a church/charity.

However, despite the fact the Salvation Army sometimes denies they allow this, some people are allowed to become ""auxiliary captains"". These are parishioners who are lazy, enthusiastic, and usually poor. The Salvation Army allows them to run churches and charities, ordains them as ministers, without attending the school. These people are usually very corrupt and have ""friends"" in the Salvation Army heirarchy. They constantly go against Salvation Army policy.

The Officers who recently retired from Portsmouth, Scioto County, OH Salvation Army are examples of ""auxiliary captains."" They hired their daughter from two states away to perform tasks that many people in Scioto County, a very impoverished Appalacian county, are more qualified to perform. Nepotism is against Salvation Army regulations. Their daughter worked for her parents from April 2000 until they left in July 2003.

The Salvation Army is found in very destitute areas. They have a very high rate, for the amount of churches found in the US as opposed to other Christian churches, of substantiated child molestation. Child molestation in the Salvation Army averages about one officer/year molesting several children, usually girls. Physical, emotional, and mental abuse to the children of parishioners and necessitous community members from the officers, volunteers, and others associated with the Salvation Army is common throughout the entire Salvation Army. I have personally witnessed such abuse of children. Programs like the auxiliary captains benefit sociopathic individuals like child molesters and abusers to have a comfortable living maltreating parishioners, the community, tax payers, and the Salvation Army itself.

The Portsmouth Officers retired officially in October with all the regalia that officers who attended the school receive. The Salvation Army had scheduled to remove the Portsmouth Officers in November 2003, yet they were removed from Ohio in July 2003.

In February 2003, Scioto County was in a state of emergency and funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) were requested and obtained. The Salvation Army assists in obtaining funds by filing the paperwork for FEMA funds; the Salvation Army works closely with FEMA in post disaster relief. Later that February, the Portsmouth Officers purchased land in Vineland, NJ. The federal government commenced an investigation into alleged FEMA fund fraud in Scioto County July 2003. The Portsmouth Officers were immediately moved from Ohio to New Jersey at the onset of the investigation, yet they still collect mail from the Portsmouth Salvation Army. They were moved a total of five times in twenty years.

Reputable officers are moved significantly less than the Portsmouth Officers. Is the Salvation Army like the Catholic Church and hiding their most unscrupulous people in dysfunctional areas like Scioto County, OH? The Catholics do NOT have a monopoly on abusive clergy. Salvation Army headquarters in Alexandria, VA is aware of the Portsmouth Officers, yet they refused to do anything until the federal government initiated an investigation. The new Portsmouth, OH officers are recently ordained auxiliary captains.

Our tax dollars goes towards this fraud and corruption. Many abusive clergy are excused for their behavior. If you know of any clergy abuse or are a survivor of clergy abuse, please contact the state children's protective services along with the police station where the abuse occurred. Please bring people like this to justice.


Portsmouth, Ohio


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