The Secret to Life Coaching

Country United States
State Australia
City Denver
Address 600 17th Street Suite 2800 South
Phone 1-800-680-7656

The Secret to Life Coaching Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2014

The Secret to Life Coaching begins by offering you a personal coaching session with a so called certified coach . The coach begins to find information about you in order to find weaknesses in your personal life and then uses the information to convice you that your stuck in life and cannot get passed your emotional blocsk in order to obtain success. They begin to hit you hard with high pressure sales techniques . The more questions you ask about the program the more they re-direct their questions back to you as if you are " Emotionally Blocked " . Class price ranges from $500 to $10,000.

Once you sign up , dont expect a class schedule . You will recieve a phone call schedule to participate with other enrollees , some who are in need of serious professional psychiatric care . You will be given a list of videos and books to read. None of which will be reviewed during the phone call classes . In addition you will be trained on a breathing release technique that suggests the " Releasing of Negative and Positive Blocks " .

The SCAM here is can do this all on your own. You do not need to pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS . You do not need to be on time wasting group phone calls with some normal and some CRAZY people to find your emotional happiness. Dont be fooled . Be strong minded and smell this scam a mile away when you get approached by one of their phoney coaches that only wants to access your personal bank account.

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