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  • May 23, 2015

This is an extortion site. I mistakenly believed that the money I paid towards this purchase would assist me in cleaning up my historical legal record.

This "Review" they conducted is nothing of the kind; they are going off of past governmental records that have since been archived and are no longer valid for public display on the internet, though they claim the "Freedom of Information Act" as their source. They are under investigation by the Department of Justice and are under litigation at the moment, and now I see why. I want my money back as this organization did not do anything for my record, and now they want an additional $421 from me to actually clear up my history. I have emails to prove all of this, as well as communication from the primary attorney in the litigation and the creator of a website dedicated to bringing down this extortion site.

When I merely asked a question about the owner of the business, the conversation on the other end turned into multiple defensive emails and VERY unprofessional.

  • May 9, 2015

My friend bought a home that a previous sex offender had lived in prior to his being expunged and removed from all LEGAL and FREE sex offender websites in 2003. She is being continuously harassed and her Children are Living a Nightmare because of the and the websites. My friend is stressed out about these websites and beyond herself and worried about her Children's Safety. These websites are Terrorizing CHILDREN and Innocent People and should be Shutdown.

The owners of and should be on a Sex Offender Registry Website for the Abuse they put Families and CHILDREN through and the websites need to be Shut Down. TERRORIZING CHILDREN SHOULD BE A SERIOUS CRIME and these TERRORIST SHOULD BE ARRESTED.

  • Nov 12, 2014

BRENT MARSHALL OESTERBLAD is wanted for service of process in the Arizona Federal District Court and also the Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenox Arizona. Brent has been ducking service of the third party complaint and also the complaint filed in Federal court that was also filed against his cohort Charles Rodrick, which it is believed that Rodrick knows, and has had contact with Oesterblad about his whereabouts. Oesterblad maybe hiding in Rodrick's place of residence. If you or anyone spots Oesterblad call local law enforcement immediately.

Who is Oesterblad? He is the second identified operator of the extortion web sites, Sorarchives (formally Offendex), onlinedetective which his wife Sara Shea also plays a part in the operation of the web site. All other facts can be found about Oesterblad on rip off report and abroad all over the internet. But be careful dealing with Brent Oesterblad, he is very dangerous, mentally unstable, a sociopathic liar and a federal convicted felon.

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