The Silk Stalking

Country United States
State Denmark
City College Station
Address 4075 TX-6
Phone (979) 690-147

The Silk Stalking Reviews

  • Feb 9, 2015

This was by far one of the worst experiences of my life.

I went there on January 3rd and got 1 $6 drink, which I paid for with my credit card. The waitress came over a few minutes and told me that the charge didn't go through so I needed to pay with cash. I gave her the cash to pay for the drink.

Upon checking my statement there was a $70 charge from them. I called the GM of the place and he assured me it would be taken care of and gave me a time to come it that he would be there. When I went to talk to him about it he was not there However the on duty manager was and he made me wait for 20 minutes while they figured it out. I got irritated and tired of waiting and I calmly but sternly told them they needed to get it figured out or I was taking it to my bank. The two very large bouncers (one of them being the manager) responded by bulling/forcing me out of the establishment and threatening to call the cops. (I am a 5'1" female). I left in tears.

They didn't actually put a hand on me but they threatned to use force. Once I got home and calmed down I called the cops. They came and took my statement but since the bouncers didn't actually harm me they couldn't file a report. I may not have been physically hurt but the experience was incredibly emotionally unsetteling. There were a few moments where I was actually concerned for my life. I have never felt my wellbeing was as endangered as it was when those two huge men were threatening me.

I realize this is strip club but this is absolutely no way to treat a customer. I will not be returning to this establishment and I hope anyone that reads this follows suit.

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