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  • Mar 18, 2015

SpamHaus is a SCAM

We run a media ISP out of Los Angeles and have hired an international team of attorneys to hunt down the owner of SH and his right hand Rob who with no reason has balcklisted our IPs and gives NO reason or solution to remove it off of their site. Looking forward to serving them in UK and US as we are also talking to major ISPs (Yahoo) to drop them as a source.

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  • Sep 29, 2014

I am Independent reporter covers internet scams and money laundering cases. It is almost one year since I am monitoring organization. I am using because this is the only platform where host all over the world visit and discuss. I request every host to provide me tips and proof activities. Recently someone posted article about at



Since then Stephen John linford and his girlfriend Geraldine Myra Peter trying to distract people in order to avoid investigation by Anti Money laundering organizations. He started

article…s-about-spamha us.

Before I took this case I did some homework on Spamhaus and its founding member. What really caught my attention was that Stephen John Linford and Geraldine Myra peters are over 57 year. All of their businesses were failure before Spamhaus. Both were living hand to mouth few years back. But suddenly in few years how come they made millions to buy villas in France, Spain and yacht? Interesting fact to consider if all these funds were made by nonprofit organization in the UK?

Stephen John Linford and Geraldine Myra Peters have no other source of income. They have not inherited some fortune overnight.

Few questions came to my mind.

Was any tax paid for buying Villa in Spain or France?

No one knows the legal domicile of Stephen John Linford and his girlfriend.

Are they resident of UK, France, Spain or Andorra?

What was the source of money to buy assets worth millions of euro in Spain and France?

Has Stephen John Linford paid any income tax in any of the country he resided or resides?

How he is maintaining his lavish lifestyle, villas, yachts and fleet of cars?

Is he withdrawing any salary or paying salary to other members or staff of the

Is income tax on the salary or dividend withdrawn is paid to the country of his domicile?

He is old, he is not tech savvy, he does not posses any extra ordinary talent except making schemes and doing money laundering. Stephen John linford is doing money

laundering at massive scale behind Spamhaus project and now trying to defend his scam by posting links of FBI.

Once my investigation is done I will be compiling the report for,…ney_Laundering

to investigate the bank accounts he used for money…d_Crime_Agency

(AML) Anti Money laundering Spain to investigate the bank accounts, properties and assets of Stephen John Linford and Geraldine Myra Peters

Fact: “Spamhaus take bribes to remove blocklistings”

Spamhaus has internal partnership with mailing companies like returnpath etc and ISP like softlayer to whom they allow to spam and never list their ip in return Spamhaus get paid indirectly. Spamhaus is managed by top white collar criminals and they have

done their home work to hide any link between these companies.

I will prove this to the Anti Money laundering organizations with the bank account numbers of Stephen John Linford. How he take money and how he withdraw funds to live and buy villas and assets.

Fact: “Spamhaus blocks whole ISPs because of one spam”

Spamhaus can block any ip range without a spam and sometimes they have even blocked the ip range not in use. It is true that Spamhaus do hacking on large scale from different countries.

Fact: “Spamhaus are Cyber Criminals and Cyber Terrorists”


: involving illegal activity : relating to crime

: relating to laws that describe crimes rather than to laws about a person’s rights

: morally wrong


: the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal

Spamhaus is morally wrong organization they are involved in illegal activity of tax evasion, money laundering and blackmailing.

There are many anti spam companies which block spam like barracuda, cloudmark etc has any other organization ever blackmailed the service provider by blacklisting their

mail servers?

Has any other organization ever blacklisted the ip of the upstream provider?

Has any other organization ever listed ip range of any organization with fake email sent to them?

Has any other organization ever listed any ip range which were not in use?

I have proof of all these points and all these acts are of cyber criminal and cyber terrorist who are terrorizing isp worldwide not because they want to stop spam. They do it because they want only their partners to spam because Spamhaus has partnership with them.

I will be contacting and NCFTA with proof of spamhaus illegal activities once my report is completed.

: “Spamhaus blocklisted Wikileaks”

Spamhaus is trying to relate some other case with official wikileaks which is of no interest.

“The Russian Government has declared that Spamhaus is an illegal organization”

It is illegal in Russia to disconnect any service provider on the Spamhaus complaint. Spamhaus is not only blackmailing hosting companies but Cert of different countries.

Latvia cert was attacked by the Spamhaus see here you can use to translate.

Here is Latvia cert case

Sweden’s biggest IP registry case…0140227-en.pdf

Fact “Spamhaus is a censorship organization”

Spamhaus is a censorship organization and their goal is to terrorize and dictate their agenda.

* By Spamhaus standard any Chinese company selling replica is not allowed because Spamhaus think they spam.

* By Spamhaus standard any company selling pharmacy is not allowed because Spamhaus think they spam.

* By Spamhaus standard any company cannot provide email platform like their partners they think they spam.

By monitoring the latest SBL for the past few months. I have compiled a list of ip from different ISP which contradict the SBL listing and SBL delisting process.

Do not trust any listing of Spamhaus unless there is proof or email header provided by Spamhaus. Spamhaus can list entire /24 with no proof if they do not like any ISP.

Do not sit back and watch terror of Spamhaus. Ask for the proof and removal but if they do not remove ip then go for the police protection. You can contact police in the jurisdiction where you live, operate and host. You can also contact police of France and Spain. may claim they are based in Switzerland but it is all fake. has done this to confuse the authorities and government of different countries.

Fact: “Spamhaus claims to be a non-profit to evade taxes”

That is the agenda of The Spamhaus Project limited…AMHAUS-PROJECT claim this to be non profitable but make money by selling feeds. If Spamhaus project Ltd is non profit

organization then how come Stephen John Linford and Geraldine Myra Peters managed to buy villas, yacht, cars worth millions of euro in Europe.

Fact: “Spamhaus gets information by hacking servers”

Spamhaus gets information from multiple source which they call spam traps, partners and they have hired hackers to accomplish their task.

fact: “Spamhaus wants to stop spamming so that they can control the ‘spam industry’ for themselves”

This is what Stephen John Linford planned when he started Spamhaus. But how they will do it? They will allow their partners to spam and control the competition by blacklisting their ips. Once the competitor ISP are blacklisted then they will not be able to send mail. It will give open market to the Spamhaus partners with whom they will share the profit earned by spamming. All other ISP will be charged to pay to white list and for this Stephen John Linford already prepared another domain

That is the only mission or any non profitable organization will never be so aggressive to list one billion ips. Who is getting maximum benefit from this? Just to name few companies like partner of the

Spamhaus. has forced may hosting companies to go out of business by blackmailing them and their upstream to disconnect them. This time let hosting companies shutdown Spamhaus so Stephen John Linford know how it feels when his another business will fail.

I am requesting every host to give their feedback, proof and share views about I promise I will help everyone who will contact me without any personal interest. Everyone has right “Freedom of speech”. My mission is to expose worlds

biggest spam operation run by Stephen John Linford and Geraldine Myra Peters. I have details of his banks and list of financial frauds. I need some more proof and few host to testify against Stephen John Linford during criminal investigation.

Stephen John Linford and his partner Geraldine Myra Peter has time to decide their domicile. In which prison they would like to spend their remaining life on the charges of money laundering and tax evasion.

It is my open challenge to Stephen John Linford for live debate on news channel about his money laundering, tax evasion and illegal business activities. I have list of documents and questions to ask. Stephen John linford may anytime accept my challenge and do live debate.

Please feel free to ask me for any question about Spamhaus scam.

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  • Nov 30, 2017

Thank you good info which I believe all no doubt!

We so lucky good honest anonymous poster above post real true true true not made up at all info about the Spamhaus here! I know I believe every word and I amaze why never nobody real journalist from papers believe anonymous post on internet too and then know Spamhaus is so bad bad bad man!

  • May 7, 2014

I was hired for Spamhaus Project Limited as penetration tester but later I found that my job was to hack ISP and hosting companies email accounts and online billing systems. I refused their offer and decided to expose Spamhaus Project Limited.

If you are supporting The Spamhaus, you are supporting money laundering, tax evasion, bank rolls and white collar criminals. Your organization maybe questioned by the authorities. As some of the well known organizations are paying Spamhaus as services or donations which are mostly sent to the offshore accounts of the Spamhaus group.

During my job with Spamhaus I was able to access some of their organization secrets which I am going to share with you. The purpose of this report is to provide evidence of the deep seated corruption in the Spamhaus project and of its founding members. The creators of spamhaus do not want you to know this information.

First of all there is no ""Non profit organization Spamhaus Project Ltd.

Spamhaus is, despite the claims, a very profitable business but completely fraudulent. That its leading team members are involved in many other fraudulent businesses, and that spamhaus is bringing them millions of dollars which they hide in tax-haven countries while cheating the tax systems of others. The reason why spamhaus do not have office and why it's members are hiding is not because they have threats.The reason why spamhaus members are hiding becuase they are involved in multi million dollar tax evasion and it's offshore money laundering scams. They do not want any tax authoirity to findout about them and that is the reason why they are all hiding.

Basic purpose of Spamhaus is to spread lies and distortions about spam to attract customers. I'll explaint their coercive methods -- some of which are verging on terrorism -- that spamhaus uses to reach their own selfish goals.

Spamhaus is disrupting e-mail exchanges by blacklisting a very large number of providers. Thus forcing people to switch to dirty solutions, and causing more centralization. Spamhaus is also a tool frequently utilized by spammers as it makes it very easy for them to figure out whether or not their e-mails will go through. It also caused the depletion of the IP market when marketing companies (mostly American) purchased entire prefixes for huge money.

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