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  • Jul 11, 2014

Very bad expreince with I came across their posts on Instagram and thought their clothes looked nice. I placed an order on their website for 3 tops (total $350) on 5/4/14. By 5/21/14 I realized I still did not recieve the shipment and started looking through my emails to make sure it was confirmed. I realized I never got their confirmation email but my credit card did get charged on 5/4/14. I emailed them right away asking for an update. The next day I recieved a response saying that they did get me order and that their shipping policy is 7-14 days. In addition I recieved the order confirmation email which was dated 5/21/14 instead of 5/4/14. I never recieved a shipping notification and on 5/29/14 while I was out of town my package finally arrived. I decided to give them a chance even though it was almost a month later. I opened the package the following Monday and was very dissapointed with the quality of the shirts. Averaging $100 a shirt I was expecting better quality. I'm 112 lbs and wear a xs-s and the small shirts I ordered all were too small.

In addition, one of the shirts was not even on the neckline, like the cut was wrong or not properly sewn. I contacted the company right away to let them know I will be returning the items. Their response was their return policy was only exchange or store credit. Granted they had decent quality product and fast service I would have exchanged it for something else but I was just not interested in waiting another month for something as cheaply made as what they already sent me. I could order better items from asos or zara with fast service and a greeat refund policy for much less. In addition, their confirmation email which they sent me 2 weeks after I placed my order had no mention of their return policy. I went back to their site to confirm this, placed a shirt in my cart and clicked check out. There is no mention of their shipping time frame or return policy anywhere durring the entire purchase process or post purchase. Not even a link. The only time you could find out about their return policy is while browsing on the main page where they have a link at the bottom of the page but as soon as you go to your cart it is no longer available. I have spent a week emailing them and they don't respond till the next day always with the same answer about their policy. I asked them nicely to refund me but they contnued to refuse or even provide a return shipping label. I was forced to mail their items back at my own expense and notify my credit card company. It is very unfortunate that companies like this exist. Don't get fooled by their posts on instagram and save yourselves the headache. You are better off buying from a reputable company with good product and good customer service. Their clothes are not worth the price they are charging. I don't think they have been around very long and I wonder how long they will last ripping people off. I hope people see this before buying from them.

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  • Oct 28, 2014

Do NOT order from this company

I ordered items from this company on 10/5/2014. As of today, 10/28/21014 I have not received my items or even a confirmation email that the items have been shipped. There is no way of contacting the company other than sending an email as they have no phone number listed. I sent an email requesting that they cancel the order and filed a dispute with my bank for fraudulent charges. It is not worth the time or headache to order from this company. Although the items they display on their website appear to be beautiful, I am wondering if this company is truly legit. DO NOT ORDER from this company.

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  • Sep 21, 2014

poor customer service#poor material

I placed an order for 3 dresses. When i was checking my order it did mention about the 7-14 days shipment policy. 2 weeks later, i emailed to check on the status of my order, they notified me that one of my dresses is out of order and i had to choose another one. It took them 48 hours to respond to my emails and 2 seconds to charge my credit card. I didnt recieve my order until around 60 days from when i placed it. Quality is average minimum.. very light material

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  • Nov 18, 2014

Loved the style, but one jacket had a damaged zipper

I had ordered 6 jackets last winter , one of the jackets zipper was broken and I have not been able to fix it. I loved every piece purchased. Unique styles and trendy!

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  • Nov 17, 2014

Great Clothing

I've read all the reviews and have to agree with one thing -- the lead time is lengthy. I placed my order, it took maybe about 5 additional business days for them to ship it and I got my order two days later. The thing is, I read their policy, which I make a point to read everyone's policy no matter who I shop with. After reading everything, I really had no issues with them taking additional time to process my order because I knew that could happen based on their policy. Plus, I'm super busy and don't really have a lot of time to check on my order.

I also noticed that payment was an issue with some people. They do immediately take the money from your account, and you know what? I don't mind that. I hate to wait for money to process and read "pending" next to an expense. Hate it. So for me, I'd rather them or any store to process payment immediately. I shop on Joss and Main and sometimes they won't process payment until after I receive my items, which may not be until after 3 weeks. And when you've allocated money just for a sofa, you really want them to go ahead and process payment, so you can pay for other things without thinking you have funds that you really don't have.

Overall, I love my items and I get compliments every time I wear any of my items, especially my Tuxedo blouse. OMG! Everytime I wear that blouse, everyone wants to know where I got it from. Part of me wants to keep my store to myself because I don't want to see everyone with my top, and then another part of me wants to share a good thing. Well, I think it's out of stock now, so good luck with finding my top. Tee hee.

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  • Aug 28, 2014

Still waiting

I placed an order a month and a half ago.

They weren't shy to charge the card right away. I keep getting excuses about back orders.

They even said one dress was out of stock and then tried charging MORE for the same dress in a different colour.

I asked to refund my order but no one seems to be writing back!

Calling visa to report them as a scam.

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  • Dec 12, 2014

Great service!

I ordered an amazing jacket for my wife and she loved it. Price was great, and delivery was fast.

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  • Dec 7, 2014

"scam mob"

This is the worst company ever!!!! It is run by a scam artist. You order at your own risk.....Think about it for a minute, what quality store, or brand offers you exchange only for thier products.....I'll tell you what type of store does that, one that makes subpar tailoring with low grade material!

I'll make my story short, i ordered Nov. 2013 from STYLEMOB or perhaps i should refer to them as scam mob as it is more fitting. One dress shirt, two jackets to be exact all three items coming close to $500. Items arrived much later than anticipated, i am talking weeks late! Opened the box, rich material advertised for the jacket was some low grade fabric from some chinese store in Canal street. Design was awful and definately was not what i saw on instagram...Finishing ...pitiful! I have never seen anything as disastrous as what i encountered in that box!

Contacted the merchant, demanded my money back. All goods are still intact in the cheap polythene bag it was sent in...couldn't be bothered to try on such low end, trashy travesty called fashion. I got a message days later.

"We would be glad to make an exchange for you as we do not offer refunds"......blah blah blah (gist of the story; go select another trash from our website because you are not getting your money back)

I'm sent the outfits back immediately, contacted seller a few weeks later to let them know i sent items back. Got a response asking me to go select other items. I really wasn't interested in getting anything else as i know it will also be a low quality item. Initiated dispute with my bank. Bank can't really help because of the seller's "No refund policy"...advised me to deal directly with seller. Even gave me a phone #

At that point, i pretty much resigned to fate that i will have to get something else even though i did not want to. I selected new items, contacted selller on phone # i was given. No response. It goes straight to voicemail. Called multiple times and sent respons

Finally got a response from the criminal running this scam site. "We did not receive the items you claim to have returned". Mind you this was months later after i had sent the item. My first question was really? You did not receive the item yet you offered me a credit initially after i sent you an email a week after i returned the merchandise to you. You actualy emailed me apologizing that the items did not work out and asking me to select something else.

Long story short, the case is still pending with the fraud department in my bank, I am out $500 which i am positive i will never see again. This is no compnay, its run by one individual, a criminal one at that!

Shop here at your own risk.....

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  • Dec 2, 2014

Love this store

I've been ordering from them for nearly 2 yrs. and always a pretty good experience. The clothes are great quality clothes, compliments are plenty anytime I've worn things from this shop.

It's unfortunate to see other reviews as poor as above but seems its impossible to please everyone. I noticed majority of the issues are about things that go against the stores policy. Based on the policy I've always been aware that my items could be shipped later than the expected ship date if they became unavailable. However my experiences have always been great. I recently contacted them in regards to an order I needed at a particular date and was pleased to receive this last order in time for the event as promised.

So they've got my business based on the quality and customer service that I've personally experienced.

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  • Jun 25, 2015

I ordered products that they never delived and they fail to respond to my multiple emails

  • Mar 20, 2015

Still Waiting

Unfortunately it seems a scam.

I am in Australia and have ordered a dress for my wife in early January 2015. It is now almost April and only got confirmation email a month ago and thank you gift for the delay which also we did not get.

We have decided to inform our bank and Australians authorities to listed them on the scam register and investigate how to peruse them in the US.

  • Mar 14, 2015

Vickie Yohe was scammed too

They even scammed Gospel Singer Vickie Yohe. It is March and she still hasn't received items from Nov and Dec. If they will scam a famous gospel singer ......THEY WILL DEFINITELY SCAM YOU!

  • Feb 5, 2015


So I ordered a coat in December and after NEVER receiving any form of communication I contacted them. Finally, received a responses several days later telling me the item was on back order. Well, it's now February and I am still waiting for my order!

  • Dec 20, 2014

Order never came!! Scam site!!


Style mob is a SCAM site!!! Ordered a top, it Never came! I've sent numerous emails with no reply. This is a scam site. Anyone who wrote a positive review is tricking you! They probably are running the bogus site. Do not get scammed. It's not worth it. Save yourself the headache. I'm working with my credit card company to get my money back.

  • Nov 30, 2014

Processing time

I've ordered on the september 2014 and i've received my order on the 30th of november. More than 2 months!!!!

  • Nov 14, 2014

Horrible service!!!

I ordered from this website almost a month ago and I am still waiting. I didn't get any reaponse to my emails so I am calling my bank to file a dispute. I actually also sent the website an email asking to cancel the order as I have not received anything beyond the supposed shipping date. Do NOT order from this website!

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