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Country United States
State Minnesota
City Plymouth
Address 14000 Carlson Parkway
Phone 888-398-6595

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  • Apr 24, 2015

I am sending you this list of bullet points Dan Granados asked me to send to him, my expectation was that he would conduct an investigation but in fact he sent it to the store Manager so they can clean up and cover the illegal practices of the store and slander my actions!.

Tile Shop Bullet Points.

1) Kent tapping into employees sales commissions to make their goals.

2) Shipping pallets to Kent’s home in order to get paid out and make sales quota.

3) James stealing shower heads from the store displays.

4) Bill Donnies order went to Gorges home to get paid out.

5) Rajesh Madabeshi made a known complaint about the management staff on how he was treated. I helped him with an order that closed for a total of about $2500.00 and I was told he sent a letter stating the great experience he had with me.

6) Kent told people and myself that he had recorded our disagreement which is illegal in the State of New Jersey!

7) Kent showed me how he tapped into Larry’s orders and he was short paid he gloated about it. (taking food from peoples mouths is wrong).

8) I was told many times that if better sales people than the Management staff would be hired at the store then sabotage would occur.

9) I requested a store transfer and was denied because they said it is in the best interest to keep the talent there.

10) I was fired by Kent, I was told that the Assistant Manager does not hire or fire.

11) Since my employment at the store I raised the bar for all sales people because of the profits I made and my style of service to the customers.( Close to three months employed).

12) I lost part of my bonus for the month of March due to an audit because of them billing out merchandise that never left the store!

I am a loyal employee that works very hard to support my family. My money will be taken from me like many others before me and that is wrong.

Hopefully customers will hear about the fraud that is being committed.

There is more but I will provide with witnesses to the events at an appropriate time.

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