The Transportation Firm

Country United States
State Burundi
City Southaven
Address 384 E. Goodman Rd, Suite 254
Phone 9013123009

The Transportation Firm Reviews

  • Jun 28, 2014

I signed on with this company and never got paid on time. The first check I was suppose to get supposely got lost in the mail. I called and you can't get anyone from there payroll department to on the phone. They have a voicemail system that says they will call you back the next day. When I start having problems they never returned my phone call. I had to contact the sales guy to get them to repsond. After that I stopped running for them cause I was unsatacfield with the service they provided. I returned there trailer and been waiting for my pay for almost 2 months. When I finally get a response about my pay they told me they mailed it but I never got it in my postion. They said it may have got lost in the mail. This is the second time something got lost in the mail. When I finally recieved my check of $3777 It came back as non suffcient funds. I emailed them all day and they didnt have a answer on giving me my money. I'm trying to get paid right now on this work I did over 2 months ago. This comapany is a rep off. Don't do any business with them.

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