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  • Jun 5, 2015

My wife and I have recently purchased a vacation/travel club membership from Rocky and Kelly @ Island Lifestyle in St Thomas. We were trying to redeem the promotional cruise certificate, provided as incentive to purchase the membership. The certificate from Extreme Travel Deals states we are entitled to a 3/5/7 day cruise during off-peak season on either Carnival or Royal Caribbean. Rocky (ST. Thomas) indicated that we would only have to pay the port charges and taxes and the cruise was worth up to $1500.

After activating the cruise certificate for $138 and supplying an additional $50 vacation deposit, our 7 day off peak cruise request was denied for the following reasons:

• your requested travel dates are within one week of a major holiday

• Your requested cruise line is considered an upgraded cruise line

Liz the Booking Agent @ Fun Time Reservations, provided a quote for the full fare price, which we could easily obtain by going directly to the cruise line (Royal Caribbean). After explaining to Liz that our travel dates were the week after Labor Day and that Royal Caribbean was one of two cruise lines illustrated in the Extreme Travel Deals certificate, she forwarded us to the 800-861-7313 number and Customer Service.

Numerous attempts to contact The Travel Center Customer Service Department via the 800 number failed - never once reaching anybody. There is no voice mail, they ask you to try again!

I proceeded to email Liz, the Booking Agent, to beg her to have somebody call me but she refused, saying she had no Admin capabilities - she kept referring me to the 800 number that nobody answers! After several more phone attempts and emails, I asked for our money to be refunded because no service was provided. After sending an email refund request per

instructions, to Travel Center @ [email protected], the request was denied stating they do not provide refunds.

Obviously The Travel Center has no intention to deliver the promotional cruise as promised or refund our money. We have afforded The Travel Center every opportunity to 'make it right' but they choose to ignore us! We can only conclude The Travel Center is fradulent in there business practices, by stealing $188 from us, while providing NO service/cruise. Our desire is to inform the public so other travelers will not be scammed/schemed/ripped off by this fradulent company and it's affiliates! Hopefully this company can be prosecuted and the very least, run out of business!

  • Apr 13, 2015

The Travel Center seems to have an interesting "Comptroller" precisely Donna Comptroller. THis style of accounting and receiving money from people for what services? The Travel Center enters a name, an address, accounts for bank accounts and routing numbers. Then, the third business, The Fun Time provides the vacation with no regards to the advertised message. Is this a Comptroller or a Controller? What do you think?

  • Apr 9, 2015

On Wednesday April 1st my daughter received a flyer from a company called The Travel Center of Supreme Choice Travel with about 5 or 6 different vacation sites with airfare included. We foolishly called the company to book the Miami vacation for our family. It was 3 nights and 2 days. It was 8 of us that paid the money as a down payment in the amount of $760, my daughter used her checking account to have the money deducted and we all paid her in a check for our portion.

We were instructed to pay $69 in port fees with 2 weeks of purchasing the package and that is what we were trying to do, but was not able to speak to a real person. they gave us all kinds of numbers to call and finally they stop answering the phones and began hanging up. Therse are the numbers that they gave us The SUP 330 code and the phone numbers are as follows: 800-861-7313, 800-716-0980, 800-461-9920, 800-698-4130, 844-332-3964.

The package is under Chelsea Sharper the account number is 22931389. The email address is: [email protected]

We are also going to file a complaint with the BBB and any and all Federal Agencies that we can. We want to recope ALL of our monies.

These people have done all of their homework because they would not accept a credit or debt card, only a check or the checking account number.

  • Feb 9, 2015

After many questions being asked of First Select Travel representative Ben and his secretary Marie we purchased a travel package for 4 of us adults for $1077.00 in December of 2014. We have not heard from the booking representative from the Travel Center and cannot get a hold of anyone from First Select Travel.

We can't believe how this fraudulent company is getting away with what they are doing.

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