The Travelers Companies

Country United States
State Austria
City Hartford
Address One Tower Square, 2MS
Phone 800.328.2189

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  • Nov 6, 2014

Detail of Complaint Please be aware that the residence at 1007 Strawberry Lane is a rental property. My current residency is in Silver Spring,Maryland.In order that I may act accordindly, I rely on my tenant to provide accurate and timely information regarding the residence to make repairs.

Per the corresponding dated : October 2,2014 the gutters and roof are being repaired and should be completed on or about November 3,2014. I am requesting reimbursement for repairs of labors and material in the 4170.00 immediately.

I have received two letters that are bulling or threatening me to cancel my insurance from Travelers Insurance from Mr.Kyle Phillips 1-866-500-7925 if repairs are not made immediately. Travelers should be paying for repairs but I am spending my money to make repairs. This put me in financially difficulties because as client I thought Travelers would stand by it reputation and handle this in a professional manner. All i am requesting is that Travelers reimburse me for the money I have spent for repairs.*** I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY WE PAY TO BE LEGALLY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY INSURANCE COMPANIES. Each year my insurance has increase and because I know need repairs they are threatening cancel my insurance.

According Garret Stabler and Justin Barber, Travelers was not going to pay for incident. I am requesting an immediate response because I disagree with the way Travelers is handling this situation.

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