The Truth Foundation, Nonprofit

Country United States
State Bulgaria
City Inkster
Address 4598 Burton
Phone 3134423327

The Truth Foundation, Nonprofit Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2014

As posted on Yelp:

This is warning to other business and property owners in Wayne County. Hassan Sutherland is representing himself as The Truth Foundation, a nonprofit in the business of community programs and development. In Truth, he is not a registered nonprofit but someone who is fraudulently representing himself as a nonprofit looking for contributions, free rent in exchange for services in property management. He is not a licensed contractor or property manager and presents himself as the hero to the community, doing good deeds such as starting children's educational programs. He has no business card, no office,no bank account and no business plan. Recently he presented us with claims that he did $8000 of labor to our rentals in an effort to extort money. This was after his failed attempt to extract contributions for his ""good cause"".

Further, he did illegal construction to a property that had to be totally demolished and replaced by a credible contractor, at a huge expense to us. He also did ZERO leasing for almost six months due to his many excuses. Beware. He was not authorized to do any major work on our properties and since he has no job to support himself, he could not have paid for material expenses of this magnitude. His car and tires were barely usable since he had no steady income. He makes a living attempting to extort money from others while refusing to leave their property while he was suppose to be providing protection and handyman services in exchange for rent. We have proof off all receipts and payments made to him for IMPROPER, SHODDY, ILLEGAL work as a contractor. We also suffered loss of rent, loss of sale transaction, loss of utility charges, and property damages due to his negligence while the local courts in Detroit (Wayne County) tolerates squatters rights! Please DO NOT EVER make the FOOLISH mistake we did and trade rent for real estate services. This is 100% SCAM of homeless persons in Inkster, Detroit, Garden CIty, Taylor and surrounding areas in Wayne County.

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