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  • Jul 30, 2014

You order a TV from TVSUPERSTORES. TVSUPERSTORES call you and say that the model you bought is discontinued and they have a much better new model from this manufacturer. It is $600 more but because it's an upgrade for you, TVSUPERSTORES charge only $300 more. You agree. What is true and what happens?

1) The model that you ordered is not discontinued

2) The model that TVSUPERSTORES offer doesn't exist (as confirmed by the manufacturer)

3) TVSUPERSTORES send you the model you ordered originally for $300 less

You call TVSUPERSTORES. They start explaining that this is an upgrade from a 3rd party. Total bs - no logos, no documentation, nothing, just the TV you ordered originally (besides, you ordered this "great new model" manufactured by a brand, not by a 3rd party).

BEWARE this scam!


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