The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Country United States
State Alabama
City South Birmingham
Address 1720 2nd Ave
Phone (205) 934-4011

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Reviews

  • Jun 12, 2015

I just wanted to let people be aware of the situation at the Eye Hospital at UAB in Birmingham.There is a UAB Eye Clinic next to the UAB Callahan Eye Hospital on University Blvd. If you go to the clinic and happen to park in the parking lot next to the clinic, which is part of the UAB Callahan Hospital, they charge you $15.00 even if you only parked there a few minutes.

If you had an appointment at the hospital,and have your parking ticket validated,then the price is charged according how long you were parked there.

Most people think that all of UAB is one and the same. That may be so but,when it comes to an opportunity to gouge people for no good reason then,they are not.

I know that UAB has been having budget problems lately.when they tried to end their football program,but this is no way to raise additional revenue. Why don't they welcome the patients from the eye clinic instead of trying to rip them off?

It's a bad situation for all involved that needs to be rectified.

The millions of dollars that they get in grants from the federal government each year should help the taxpayers, who pay for those grants,have a parking space.

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