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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 8250 N Grand Canyon Dr Unit 1056
Phone (800) 791-2754

The Unlock Pros, LLC Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2015

First, we were looking at their reviews that they have on their website and there are no negative reviews, but its easy to make your own. Anyway, my sister and I downloaded what we needed to and followed the instructions, after we figured out that it was not working; we contacted customer service and they asked to control our computer so we said yes, and we did everything that they asked us to. After a little bit, they started calling us name saying we are dumb and at first the guy Adam did say he was going to give us our money back but then he said that he is not going to, he's just going to waste our time. Then we realized that they were calling us and as soon as my sister answered, they started yelling at her and calling her names, harrassing her. Talking about my mother and my family, and also threatened to kill us. I remember his saying and I quote, "I will rip you up into little pieces and put you in a bag." It was totally bizarre and something nobody should go through. It was not about the sixty dollars, it's about how they were talkng to us and threatening and telling us they will not give us our money back like if they do it all the time; like if they're untouchable.

  • Jul 17, 2015

I made a purchase for unlocking my T-Mobile Galaxy S4 trough The Unlock Pros. It was a very bad idea! I was chatting with a person named Scott, and I told him that the Shopping Cart wasn't working when I tried to add the order for the T-Mobile IMEI repair/Unlock "file". I got the "Loading... Please Wait" message, and it wont go through. I tried the other Shopping Cart on the top of their webpage and I was able to get to the next page for Checkout. However, I was only trying to buy ONE order, but I got TWO orders for $49.95 ea, for a total of $99.90. Of course, I had to edit the Shopping Cart and get it right.

When I proceeded with the checkout using PayPal, I received a link to download a file, but it's for METRO PCS Samsung Galaxy M919N. I'm not sure how it happened, and I was trying to contact them but to no avail. I left a message a few times but nobody called me back and same for the ONLINE Customer Service Chat.

I never got a reply back.

Of course, I did not download the file on the link because I did not want my transaction to be forfeited on the grounds of receiving an item from the merchant. All I wanted was to resolve my issue on having the wrong order to the correct one, but I did not get any reply from the Unlock Pros.

It was a total fail, and this company either has the worst customer service in the Universe, or simply a scammer preying on online shoppers. NEVER AGAIN.

I'm currently disputing my transaction with PayPal, and my Bank. I hope I get my money back, and they get shutdown.

  • Jun 5, 2015

I hired The Unlock Pros to network unlock two phones (Galaxy S6) for me so that I could use them when traveling abroad. Both phones were new with clean IMEIs.

The initial unlock appeared to go fine, however the agent "Adam" also changed the IMEI on both phones to an identical IMEI that is bad.

I contact him the next morning and he said he would contact me in a bit and that we could fix the phones later in the day. That evening they refused any contact and the next morning he told me that I was blocked and they wouldn't talk to me any more.

I believe that they have stolen my IMEIs, which I will have to report stolen, and they have left me with $1400 worth of unusable phones.

They include big talk on their site about "Lifetime IMEI Guarantee" and "Certificate of Good Standing" but I am sure now that this is probably a scam.

  • Mar 30, 2015

Hello everyone! So I recently had gotten my T-Mobile Samsung phone blacklisted. I had been searching high and low for someone to provide the services I needed and I came across this website . You had to purchase there service which was $69.95 and they promised to remotely fx your blacklisted device. I decided to move ahead and purchase and give them a try. I set my appointment and followed all the instructions to Download all the programs you had too.The tech logged in and started working on my phphone. After about 20 mins of THEIR programs freezing up , they told me my computer was too slow and I had to use a different one . I said OK and agreed to schedule another appointmenappointment. The tech also advised me to send in my phone . I felt leary Stay away ..... I made another appointment after another hour and a brand new computer they still couldn't do it !! They damaged files on my phone and left my phone without an IMEI!!! Stay awayyyyy not to mention refused a refund and called me all types of names smh ....

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