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  • Dec 2, 2014

We packaged and I shipped a box using this business. To even ship a single item, this store requires extra paperwork not required at other stores. The inept employees at this location does not properly follow their training and the owner is dismissive to the customer.

UPS discarded the package and all the irreplaceable personal contents.

Upon trying to make a claim against UPS, The UPS Store stated they are not part of UPS, are not responsible for the delivery of the package, and are required to be the claimant against UPS. UPS passed the issue to The UPS Store saying The UPS Store is a different company thereby returning the issue back to "one of their own".

1) Packages are discarded without telling the person owning the package.

2) The UPS Store franchises are only considered a part of UPS for advertising and when it is to their advantage.

3) The UPS Store becomes the sender and UPS the shipper when shipping from The UPS Store. That means the consumer is getting screwed in the process.

4) Claims are not paid based on this "hidden relationship" between "two differnt company names" that are acutally owned by the same company.

DO NOT ship with The UPS Store/UPS unless you want reamed!

  • Nov 22, 2014

Patty, the older woman who is the "manager" of this UPS store, is beyond rude. She does not make eye contact, and absolutely refuses to be helpful. I came in with a package to be mailed on November 11, 2014 and when she quoted me the cost via UPS, I said it was too much. She said she would send it for me via the Post Office and prepared a Priority Mail label. It is now ten days later and the package has not been received by my friend only 200 miles away. Patty informed me that even though she prepared the label and took the package from me, it has nothing to do with her. She gave me a number to check with the Post Office. The Post Office told me they had never seen anything like this before and all they could find on their computer was that a label had been prepared. Nothing more. So I have paid postage for the package - money for the product - and have nothing to show for it and no way to get any answers. I am so mad and frustrated and urge everyone to stay away from this UPS store.

  • Sep 6, 2014

While cancelling my U-Verse services I was instructed by their agent to return their equipment by taking it to any UPS store for packing and return shipping. The U-Verse agent stated to me that I should return all of their equipment, including the power cables and remote controllers.

Rick (the franchise owner) took the items and wrote down my name and U-Verse account number on a form and said he'd take care of everything for me. But instead of providing me with a receipt of merchandise acceptance or any other form of proof that I'd brought him the items for shipping, he told me to stop in the following week to pick up a receipt for proof of shipping.

I balked at walking out of the store with no proof in hand that I'd turned such expensive gear over to him. He then stated that he takes in 20 U-Verse returns per day, and he can't be bothered to take down serial numbers and fill out the return form when people drop the stuff off. "Trust me," he said, "I do this all the time, and this is the only way I'll do it."

I said that I at least wanted something from him to show that he had received from me the 3 cable boxes, the command center unit, the cables and the remote controllers. He replied that if I wanted that I would have to to come in next week and find it a box he keeps on a shelf in front. Then he added, "And I throw out the remote controllers because they don't want them back."

I told him that the U-Verse agent told me to return them along with all the rest of the stuff. He replied, "Then the agent's an idiot. He doesn't know what they want back, but I do."

I took back the U-Verse equipment and tool it to another UPS Store (at 318 HALF DAY RD, BUFFALO GROVE, IL), where a wonderful lady (without any proding from me) quickly scanned the serial number from each piece of equipment, noted down that all appeared to be in good condition, and presented me with complete documentation of receipt and a tracking number for proof of delivery… all done in less time than it took the owner of the other store to tell me that he can't be bothered to do his job correctly.

  • Jul 31, 2014

I shipped a large audio amplifier through this store. Dropped it off in a box I provided and asked for it to be sealed and packed. They did both and the amplifier was damaged in shipping. Damaged so bad it looked like it had been thrown out of an airplane. I also added $400 in insurance to cover the cost of the amplifier, which was denied by UPS after they saw the packing job, stating that, "There is no way a UPS store packed this." Well they did. I went back into the store to discuss this with the woman behind the counter who had packed it. She argued over the semantics of them packing it and that I did not pay for "packing." I paid $60 for shipping and asked that it be packed and sealed. It was both packed using their packing materials aside from the box and it was sealed by them, but so poorly the amplifier was irreparably damaged. They refused to cover the $400 I was out and I HIGHLY recommend not giving them your business. Thanks for nothing Balcones Woods UPS Store!

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