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  • Oct 8, 2016

Hp support imitator phishing scam alert!

Since the sierra update on the mac, i’ve had some issues with getting my hp printer to work as expected. I googled ‘hp support phone number’ and a few different numbers came up, one of them made prominent by google. I called that number: 844-316-2220. This turned out to be a phishing scam from india, pretending to be hp support. They told me the reason i can’t save my scans is because there are 15 malicious ip addresses attacking my network, monitoring all the activity on my network, and putting a cookie into my computer which is doing all sorts of harm, like tearing down my firewall, removing files that make my computer more secure, and in other ways harming my computer. They told me that while i’m on the call with them, i’m connected to their secure ip address, and all those 15 attacking ip addresses have been frozen. But as soon as i get off the phone, they will remove their temporary protection. They told me i need a security patch immediately, and that this patch costs between $1000-3000 depending on how many devices i use on my network.

They used log me in software to screen share with my computer, and to take control of my mouse. While they were screen sharing, they were browsing through my computer’s settings, very quickly, I presume they were looking at the actual security implemented on my computer, saved passwords, credit card numbers, or whatever other private info they could find.) several times the rep told me that he has to speak with his supervisor for a few minutes. During that time, the mouse seemed to be still, but when i would start to move it, i would notice that it was in fact moving all over the screen. I had the thought that the scammers were actually moving the mouse and browsing through my computer, possibly installing malicious software, behind what looked like a still screen. I have a friend who works in internet security, if that’s possible that that was going on and he said that’s exactly what was going on.

The scammers were pushing me to buy this third party product, this security patch, that they claimed was made by partners of hp. They also told me that i, as a person, have an ip address. And even if i change my devices, or move, these 15 malicious hackers, will follow me and find me, because i personally have an ip address, just like i have a ssn, dob, or street address. I’m not techi, but even i know that is total bs. Human beings don’t have ip addresses. Only things that can be connected to the wifi do.

These scammers wanted to be paid only via wire transfer or e-check. They did not take credit cards.

There isn’t a single american corporation that doesn’t take credit cards. I saw red flags all over this social engineering scheme, but that was the final one. After we hung up, they called me back from this number: 847-557-3625

I then found and called a real hp support number (800-474-6836) and told them what happened. They told me that those other phone numbers are not hp numbers, and that hp does not partner with those companies. They confirmed it was a scam. Hp rep also said that the reason i for the trouble with the printer is because the sierra update is very new, and they don’t have the necessary drivers yet. And all i need to do is wait, and soon all the necessary updates will be provided.

These are the links to the fake ‘partners’ of hp, that offer ‘security patches’:



The social media links on those sites go here: virtual graffiti

Don’t buy anything from these companies. Don’t call those phone numbers. If they call you, do not pick up and do not call back. A techi friend said that sometimes what scammers do, is get you to call a number that is obscenely expensive, even if you call for just a few minutes.

I was worried that they put malicious software on my computer. Malicious programs can hide under operating systems, so it wouldn’t have been enough to just reinstall the operating system. Some malicious programs are very sneaky and malware bytes or other security suites or antivirus programs will not detect them. So to be sure i got rid of anything malicious they may have put on my computer, i then had to go to the apple store, format my computer and reinstall everything from scratch.

I think what’s happening is that after the sierra update on the mac, a lot of people are having technical glitches with their devices, and calling for support. And the scammers are taking advantage of that moment, and creating lots of fraudulent sites that pretend to be hp support, apple support, etc, and seo the heck out of those sites, so that they come up prominently in search results. I have some basic tech knowledge so i didn’t fall for the scam. But the scammers are relying on people being ignorant about technology. And someone who just doesn’t have basic knowledge, could’ve fallen for that scam. The fbi must stop them, before they harm more people.

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