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  • Jul 16, 2015

PUBLIC NOTICE : Before you sign up with "any" service affiliated within this company's complicating web of around "65" related businesses (including but not limited to : "The Tax Club" / "1800Accountant.com" / "Corporate Tax Network" / "Manhattan Professional Group" / "All Access Books" / "Vital Payroll" / just to name a few) - please do your research! You will find that it is not worth whatever it is they are offering.

For a complete list of all the DBAs (Doing Business As) for this company please follow the links below on the Federal Trade Commissions website where they talk about the $200 million dollar lawsuit against this company and all the schemes they and their affiliates were and probably still are involved in.

A) https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/cases-proceedings/122-3071/tax-club-inc-et-al

B) https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2013/01/ftc-new-york-florida-attorneys-general-charge-tax-clubs

C) https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2014/06/defendants-who-allegedly-took-millions-consumers-trying-launch-or

The FTC, State of Florida, and the State of New York won the lawsuit and the people that started these companies lost everything they owned. As comforting as that sounds, beware that many of the affiliate companies (like 1800Accountant.com, etc...) are still conducting business. Each of the affiliate companies slowly merged all of their employees and remaining clients together (whoever was dumb enough to stick around like myself) into a select few companies they felt they could get away with operating under. What makes this scary is that while these companies look like they are big with a lot of employees - the reality is they are not that big at all. For the companies that I'm a member of all share just one supervisor by the name of Kyle. With such a small amount of employees, you know everyone was aware of all the bad business practices that took place. A lot of it was telemarketing schemes so most of the remaining employees today had to have been willing participants in such schemes. Unfortunately only the people that started these companies were named in the lawsuit. Nothing will change until an outside company (not affiliated with the network of bad companies this company is apart of) comes in and replaces "all" of the previous employees which are still in control today. My advice is to stay away from this network of bad companies or at the very least wait until new management, but make sure to research the "new" company first.

MY COMPLAINT/ISSUE : I joined a couple of these companies and at the time I did not know what I was getting myself into. Now looking back and having done my research, I realize I'm very lucky compared to the other more common horror stories that I have read online.

In short, the following is a brief history of my relationship with these companies and why I'm submitting this BBB complaint.

1) purchased the Auctions For Income package (*which they sold my personal info).

2) got a unsolicited call from PMI (Professional Marketing International) & paid $12,000 for coaching and website.

3) the website was part of a company called Stores Online & My eBiz.

4) was referred to Advantage Corporation Services - paid $1,295 to file my business + $49.95 monthly for mail forwarding.

5) got a unsolicited call from The Tax Club - purchased "Tax Saver Membership" for $2,018 to *retain a $19.95 monthly fee.

6) got a unsolicited call from Corporate Record Pro - paid $149.95 to *retain a $6.95 monthly fee.

7) got a unsolicited call from The Tax Club - purchased "Vital Payroll MPG" for $1,349.

8) got a unsolicited call from The Tax Club - purchased "Vital Payroll MPG *LIFETIME FREE" for another $1,349.

9) got a unsolicited call from The Tax Club - purchased "All Access Books Bookkeeping" for $2,395 to *retain a $99 quarterly fee.

Setup fees grand total = $20,555 + $109.85 total monthly fees going forward.

Now, fast forwarding to today :

a) Corporate Record Pro closed its doors in early 2014 without warning - we lost all of our company minutes.

b) The Tax Club turned into Corporate Tax Network which turned into 1800Accountant.com.

c) The Corporate Tax Network & 1800Accountant.com raised our "Tax Saver Membership" to $39.95 (doubling the original fee which we paid $2,018 to *retain a $19.95 monthly fee)

d) The Corporate Tax Network & 1800Accountant.com raised our "All Access Books Bookkeeping" to $99 per month - not quarterly (tripling the original fee which we paid $2,395 to *retain a $99 quarterly fee)

e) I have been waiting over "6 MONTHS" for the Corporate Tax Network & 1800Accountant.com to re-setup our lifetime free payroll which I paid $1,349 + another $1,349 for.

f) I have been waiting over "6 MONTHS" for the Corporate Tax Network & 1800Accountant.com to finish my 2014 tax returns.

For the past 6 months I have emailed & called THOUSANDS of times with no success. Nobody responds to my emails and when I call, it is the same exact story every time - they say they will take care of "it" and will get back to me.

So this company doubles and triples our monthly fees and in return refuses to provide the services paid for... Really?

I hope they resolve this sooner than later for their own sake because each day that goes by, I will continue to post negative reviews on every new website I come across that talks about these companies.

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  • May 19, 2015

On March 4, 2015 I submitted payment over the phone to Sheila McGarry, an employee of 1800Accountant whom had been soliciting me to sign up for a one year membership to use their accounting services. I was advised there was a 30 day cancellation policy for a full refund. After the initial consultation on March 16 with accountant Rory Whipple, I decided due to the recent formation of my company I would not require their services after all. Approximately one week later I called Sheila to advise her of this decision and left her a voicemail. About a week went by with no returned call. I called again and left another voicemail. Again this was not returned. On April 3, 2015 I emailed Sheila stating the following: " Hello Sheila, I have called a couple times, but there has been no answer. Please be advised I have changed my mind regarding the use of your services and would like to cancel my membership and receive a refund. Please advise what I need to do to make this happen." This email was not returned. On April 10, I reached out to Tiffanie Anzalone who to my understanding is in their billing department with the following message: "Why wont anyone from your company return my calls/messages? Are you guys out of business?" To which she replied three days later: "I will have your Account Manager reach out to you today. " Again, I heard from nobody. So I scheduled an appointment to speak with my accountant, which was the only other way I knew to get someone frmo the company on the phone. I received a call the day of advising me that my accountant was unavailable and if I could reschedule. I explained the situation to the rep on the phone, Lu ***** and she agreed to email both myself and my account rep Sheila. She sent the following email on April 21: "Mr. XXXX wants to cancels his service. Can you please call him?" To which I have yet to receive a reply. This company clearly has wildly deceptive practices and bait-and-switch tactics. Once they have your money, they become inaccessible.

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  • Jan 14, 2015

I am currently building a start-up company and if you have every been an entrepreneur, you can only imagine how long your work days are. I depend on my team to do their part. Speaking with sales at 1800 accountant started out great. Once I paid my hard earned money ($1,856.98), the service went down hill from there. I signed up with 1800 accountants as part of my team and the customer service was horrible aside from the person that initially signed me up (Shana Ritchardson was the best). I started having weekly conf calls with my first accountant (Boris Musheye) outlining my accounting strategy for 2015. For the first month, i felt like this company would be a good fit. Things started going down hill when they couldn't find my faxed 2014 tax returns in which my accountant (Boris Mushey) requested. I eventully had to mail them. No biggy. I mailed them and kept it moving. Boris, my accountant set up another conf. call with a different person for me to talk to a couple of weeks later in order to go over more strategies (unfortunately, I didn't write down her name). The new accountant on the team called for our conf call 1hr after our scheduled appointment and by that time, I was on another conf call so we had to reschedule for the next day. When she called the next day, this young lady had no clue about my account and was asking me questions about my strategy in which I had gone over 1 month prior with my first accountant (Boris). Her engish was not very good and the articulation was extremely questionable. I felt uncomfortable and I asked to speak with the accountant that I have been working with for the past month. At that time, she informed me that my original accountantant (Boris) was no longer with the company. I thought this was very strange that I wasn't informed of this in the beginning of our call. At that time, I ended the call and called the original person who signed me up with 1800 accountants (Shana Richardson). Shana kindly informed me that a new accountant would contact me and we would get back on track. A couple of weeks past and I was contacted by another accountant via email (Zach McClure) introducing himself. I emailed him back requesting our first conf. call and to this day, I haven't heard from him at all. I wish that I could constantantly run behind my team at 1800 accountants but I have other obligations in running a company. Two months have past and I finally requested cancellation of my service because I feel extremely uncomfortable at this point. I requested a full refund because in retrospect, they have done absolutely nothing for me. After cancelling, I called the manager (Marisa) and was told by (Mary the receptionist) to leave a message on her voicemail. I left a message yesterday with no return call. I called back today and spoke with (Mary the receptionist) who informed me that the manager (Marisa) will not be in today. At this point, I politely asked (Mary) if I could speak with the manager's boss since she is not in the office today. Mary said that I would have to speak with the president of 1800 accountant. I asked Mary for the president's name and Mary told me, "She is not OBLIGATED to give me that information and that I should Google it if I wanted that information." WoW! Really? I have never heard anything more reduculous in my life but I left it alone because I I could see where this conversation could have gone if I would have started arguing. At that time, I called the 1800 number back and spoke with another individual by the name of (Joseph). When Joseph answered the phone, I asked for the name of the president of 1800 accountants. Joseph said, "I am not in customer service and they would have to give me this information." I asked him once again that all I needed was a name and he was extremely rude and said that he was on another line with a customer and I would have to talk to customer service. I thought that was really strange and Joseph's customer service was horrible. Being a business owner, customer service is key Joseph showed absolutely no customer service at all. He transfered me back to the receptionist (Mary). At that point I hung up because I could see where all of this was going. 1800 accountants has $1800.00 of my money and has been a total waist of time. I truly hope that I get my money back and I will keep you udated on the progress.

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  • Nov 7, 2018


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