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Country United States
State East Timor
City Virginia Beach
Address 1620 Centerville Turnpike
Phone 757.424.2200
Website http://www.a-1american.com/

A-1 American Reviews

  • Apr 11, 2015

I contacted A1 American with an AC unit issue. The technician came to my home on a Saturday morning and initially dealt with my wife. My problem was the unit was not operating and was icing up. The technician did not check freon levels or anything of that nature. He removed all the filters from the system and told my wife he felt the issue was the size of my ducts. He then purportedly contacted a supervisor to "brain storm". Shortly thereafter I told William (the technician) it was time to leave. I did pay his fee for coming to the house, $78. I then contacted another firm that sent out a technician on the following Monday. He foiund the freon level with the system was low and promptly corrected the issue. I would recommend A1 American to no one!

  • Feb 10, 2015

People need to do their research before choosing A-1 American Services. My heater wasn't working and the technician supposedly determined that I needed a new pressure switch and a draft inducer motor.

They wanted to charge me $463.00 for the pressure switch and $1100.00 for the inducer motor.

I ask that people be aware that a pressure switch cost about 30-40 dollars and takes less than five minutes to put on a inducer fan, I would also add that a inducer motor is under $200.00 and takes about 30-40 min to put on.

What were they charging me for? According to their website you pay for the job not by hour.? $1500 for a job that takes less that an hour to complete and parts that cost less than $200.00. Oh, by the way that wasn't even the cause , got a new pressure switch and draft motor still no hot air.

  • Oct 18, 2014

I contacted this company last month because my a/c quit working. I was told on the phone that the service call charge would be $79. They said that the technician would diagnose the problem and then inform me of the charges to fix the problem. They also said that if I declined to have that work done, then I would be responsible for paying the $79. The technician came out on a Saturday and started to check the unit and outside unit to figure out what was causing the a/c to not run. He worked for about half an hour and then said that the problem was "fixed." The a/c then came on. He did not tell me what was needed to fix the problem or what the additional charges would be.

He then showed me what caused the unit to not run. There is a drain line, a condensate, and the water leak detection device caused the unit to lock out because the line was clogged up. If I had flushed the line regularly, a simple procedure which involves using a brush to clean the line, the problem would not have occurred. When he showed me what he did, I immediately presumed that the cost would be $79 since he didn't have to do any elaborate repairs. Instead, I was floored when I was billed $215. When I complained about such a high charge for such a simple repair, he said that the standard cost was $270; I guess I got their standard advertised discount. I had not signed anything on the invoice before he said the a/c was fixed, and then he pointed to three different places on the paperwork and asked me to sign those spots.

Those signatures were for "authorization to proceed with diagnosis:" "authorization to proceed with work;" and "acceptance of work performed." I essential signed that I agreed to have them do the work and was satisfied with the results. By the way, he wrote "0" for the diagnosis charge. This should have been $79. I was very irritated with being charged such a high price for such a simple repair, but at that point, didn't think it was worth complaining about. However, about two days later, I then discovered that the a/c unit was blowing warm air and it made the house only warmer. The temps then were high enough that the house was around 80 degrees without the a/c working.

I called the tech back the following Wednesday and asked him to come and see what the problem was. I also noted that I expected him to fix the problem with no additional charge because I had paid to have the a/c working and it wasn't working correctly. He assured me that he would come to my house after 7 p.m. that evening, but he never showed up and never called. I called the company again the next day and asked the technician to call me, and I was assured he would get the message but he never called. I then wrote a letter to the company complaining of their service and summarized what I wrote here. I asked them to call me when they got the letter, which I mailed on a Friday, the 25th. I had not heard anything from them by the following Wednesday and called the company, still no response.

I finally called the next Friday and talked with Greg and faxed him a copy of my letter along with my email address. He replied that they would get back to me. I hadn't heard anything a week and a half later and emailed him again; he replied that I had "signed approval for the all pricing before we left the job. By signing, you also were agreeing that work was performed to your satisfaction. No adjustment is in order, sorry you feel otherwise." In my letter I stated that they owed me $136 for services I didn't agree to, That is what I think this company owes me

  • Jun 25, 2014

Do Not use them. They are very good ripoff artist. Will not give prices over the phone and charge rediculos price for poor quality. They over chaged me for a water heater in May of 2005 and would not honor their ten year warranty. They do sub standard work and ripoff prices. Do not beleive their adds.

  • May 14, 2014

My hot water heater thermostat was kicking out so I asked my wife to call someone to replace it because I was too busy to do it myself. A-1 American came to the house and Shaun B, one of their technicians told her it would cost $511 to replace the thermostat but he would give her a 15% discount and a $50 credit and replace it for $384. I was working out back when my wife told me what A-1 was going to charge; I went back to the house, looked at Shaun and told him he must be crazy! I told him I could buy a brand new water heater for less than what he was going to charge me for a $20 part. He apologized and said he had nothing to do with his company's policy on charges, so I asked him to leave. Shaun then informed me that I would still be expected to pay a $78 service charge for him coming out to the house. I learned my lesson and will never deal with A-1 again! I was expecting to pay about $125 to $200 at most for changing out a thermostat. I did not extect A-1 to come out and change the thermostat and not make a profit, but $384 for a ten minute job to replace a $15 part is an absoulute RIP OFF!!! Today I will replace the thermostat myself, I called L**** and I can get one for $15.

I like to think what comes around goes around and one day A-1 American will get what's coming to them!

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