A-AArlington Abandoned Vehicle

Country United States
State Texas
City Arlington
Address 714 E Division St,
Phone 817-461-7855
Website http://www.a-aarlington.com/

A-AArlington Abandoned Vehicle Reviews

  • Jul 15, 2015

This company must be stopped from what they're doing to people.I can only imagine the people that aren't fortunate as I was to get my car back.I stopped by my sister's apartment to drop off some paperwork. When I first pulled into the apartments I saw the tow truck driver drive right by my car,stopped and kept rolling. I assumed I wasn't on the wrong for anything because the residents have reserved parking spots under the sheds. All visitor parking are along the gate. This wasn't my first time parking in this parking spot nor seeing this same guy. Not even a week before my incident I witnessed him take someone's car right beside mine. I just happen to be in my car. I asked this man "what exactly are you checking for"? He replied "stickers". I said inspection stickers? He said yes. I could tell he didn't want to give me any information.

Today July 14,2015 I get out my car run up the stairs to drop off paper. As soon as I'm walking back down the stairs I see the tow truck driver but he's not hooked to my car.I got to my car before he did and he still proceeds to take my car. I said dude!! What are you doing I'm leaving, why are you to towing my car? He said no visitor sticker.THERE ARE NO VISITOR STICKERS!! just visitor parking. He said that the 3 cars beside mine were also in violation. I explained if that's so then why take mines, I'm in my vehicle. He just kept saying $125.00 to drop it. This is practically stealing because I was already Leaving before he hooked my car up. He said go speak with the manager of the apartments and if they say drop it then I will. About 10 steps toward the office he hops in and pulls off carelessly with my car. Yea just a strategy to get me away from my car. This driver number is #19 truck #35. My car was towed at 10:48am and I picked it up 11:39am so not even a full hour passed by. While pulling in the tow yard I see the same guy that stole my car pulls out laughing. They charged $272.00 to release my car. The lady behind the counter would not release any information about the driver or whose in charge. Please be aware of these vultures people. Paying $272.00 was never mentioned I would have to pay if he took it. This company has a million complaints and horrible reviews something has to be done.Even the driver said "go ahead and file a complaint,nothing is going to happen".

  • Apr 29, 2015

I am living at this apartment complex and due to inclement weather conditions parked my car over night on assigned to other owner parking lot. The covered parking lot seemed to be free as I am constantly seeying multiple vehicles parked there. So I decided to park my car too.

My mistake was I didn't manage to get my car out at the morning as I went to scholl with my child. Upon my return I found that my car was missing. I thought it's been stolen as I found no signs of my car been towed away (i.e. no notifications was posted).

I managed to contact the property contractor who is in charge of towing issues and they told me my car was towd away due to parking violation. However they declined to tell me who has actually called them and who has authorised that action. On the towing form I have, I still can't see who signed the form/authorised the towing as instead of signature I see there is just an indication of property nam: Towns of Riverside - written by the same hand (by driver).

Property management claims (in written form) they didn't call towing so it is supposed to be parking lot owner who apparently came back and found his lot is already used. But again, he had to authorise the towing.

As I don't see any signature on the mentioned form I assume that the towing is to be considered as "unauthorised".

I spent $272 to get my car back so I look forward to have at least the same reimbarsment from the towing company.

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