A & P Intertrust Corporation

Country Canada
State France, Metropolitan
City Richmond Hill
Address 45B West Wilmot Street, Suite 202
Phone 1-905-762-0703
Website apintertrust.com/

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  • Jan 9, 2015

THE ABOLUTE WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE. Please do not do business with A&P Intertrust or its owner Igor Bordioug, a member of the Russian Mafia. If you research the company will you find other people who give the same advice about this total SCAM company.

I set up a company and a bank account with A&P Intertrust based at

45B West Wilmot Street, Suite 202, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 2P3

Canada. APIntertrust.com

After I made the mistake of doing business with them I learned they have a TERRIBLE REPUTATION. They STEAL YOUR MONEY AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN.

They are based in Canada.

Canada has some of the weakest white collar crime laws in the world. They simply don't prosecute white collar crime in most cases.

So, when I set up the company and the bank account in some remote place. I went 6 months later to make a withdrawal and someone had taken it out of the account. The bank in some third world country washed their hands of it because they said that someone who had my user name and password had authorized the wire to Russia.

Russia huh?

Well the owner of A&P Intertrust is RUSSIAN!

He also had access to my user name and password since he is the one who set up my bank account offshore.

Of course he will deny it but I'm the one who lost my entire savings to these awful crooks.

I am going to have them prosecuted in the US if I can because they are not doing anything about them in Canada. They say it is a "civil matter" and that I'm supposed to hire a lawyer in Canada. Well guess what I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY TO HIRE A LAWER BECAUSE A&P INTERTRUST TOOK IT ALL.

This place has to be stopped. Their scam tactics stop here and now!

If you know a good attorney who takes cases like this in the US or Canada and will take a piece of what they collect please help and post down below.

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