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Country United States
State Aruba
City Fountain Valley
Address 18147 Santa Lauretta Circle
Phone 7145524244
Website www.aplusactionleads.com

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  • Jun 2, 2015

I am a 100% service-connected disabled veteran who has tried to supplement my small pension by selling solar power systems. On 4/14/15 I contracted with A+ Action Leads aka Tony Hedrick to provide me 30 live-transfer sales leads that I could try to make sales appointments with. I paid $1,050.00 for these 30 leads, with his verbal represntation that I would receive at least one live transfer call every other business day, based upon the list of zip codes that I provided him. For the first two weeks, I received a total of six calls, with a further four calls over the next two weeks. In the past two weeks I have received none. I have contacted him on numerous occasions to determine the cause of his non-performance and in every case he offered vaugue excuses. On 6/1/15 I contacted him again and asked for a partial refund of the money I paid him and he refused, and became verbally abusive towards me. As others have remarked, the fact that A+ Action Leads refuseses to accept credit cards in payment form its services should have been a red flag.

  • Apr 9, 2015

My company and myself have been personally getting harassed by this weird guy that goes by the name Tony Hedrick.

He works for a company called http://www.aplusactionleads.com/ he sells leads and never delivers them.

When first talking to this guy he seemed a little off but just because someone sounds like they might have speech problem over the phone, we don't judge.

We sent him $60,000, yes we know already we should have checked him out totally before sending him the money but he brought on his "associates" to validate everything he was saying. Everything seemed to be fine, when it came time to deliver the leads and sales himself and his people promised on a signed contract btw. They never came, we sued him and sued his company somehow they had ZERO money and couldn't collect a dime!

Our suggestion is to stay away from this "former convicted felon" apparently he has a crimnal record for assault.

Just to add some addition information on Tony he claims to be a famous musician and used to own the nightclub in the movie " LESS THAN ZERO" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093407/ after the lawsuit against him. He has on numerous occasions threaten to come to our office "***** *** ***** **"

This guy is definatley a liar and a scammer! Please stay away from his company and stay away from HIM!

We are finding out more alias's that he goes by but here is what we have so far his email tagline.

Tony Hedrick

CALL ME at (714)-552--4244

FAX 714-242-6647

[email protected]

May today be your best day ever!

Be positive and have good thoughts !

May peace be with you and your family!

Lets Make money Together!

What kind of man threatens violence over a business deal that he made go bad?

These are words of caution.

Be Careful everyone in internet land!

  • Jun 23, 2015

You are full of it

You never sent $60,000 and are jealous and making up likes and I have no felony especially for assault..You never sued me as I haven't been sued ...These are false accusations .....Its probably the Company that says they buy $60,000 worth of leads a month and then wrote me a check and we sent leads and then the check was returned after we started sending leads and you asked for another order and was bragging about the leads then the following week your check got returned for not having money in the bank ..Never said was a star or owned the club but have proof at what I did ..I know who you are and can do this to you as well ..But will sue you as my banker knows about the bad check etc....And they verified you had no funds in your account

  • Apr 25, 2014

Tony Hedrick is a thief. He failed to honor his contract that he provided. All funds had to be wired. He would not accept a check or credit cards. This should have been a red flag.

We only received 63% of the leads we purchased. Most of those leads qualified for a refund per the signed contract. All the calls/leads were recorded and he still refused any refund. Extremely dishonest company.

Look for a different lead source.

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