A1 Parts Stop

Country United States
State Denmark
City Dallas
Address 5900 W Davis St
Phone 1 214-330-2115
Website www.1enginesandtransmissions.com

A1 Parts Stop Reviews

  • Jul 23, 2014

Don't do business as a vender with this company. Chris Sanchez and Kelly Sanchez shipped out 41 shipments with my company and made absoulely no payment owing thousands of dollars.

Experts at legal evasion, they were taken to small claims court and had no wherewithall to show up. But they appealed....Really? There are signatures on every BOL and Proof of Delivery slips that were shipped out. Jaqueline Lowry is the registered agent for the company and no response from her to certified letters, invoices sent by overnight mail to her residence...nothing.

I was told by Chris Sanchez I would get my money and that someone had deposited a check that bounced into the company's account. Putting me off for months. As I made my personal calls to collect money from them, I noticed 2 or 3 people there at the same time I would be there trying to collect or make something right on whatever they purchased.

This company also likes to change the name of their company and switch around the address, as well. They have an address on Merrifield (which runs at the side of the building) and they use an address 5900 W Davis as another address. I am sure this is some legal tactic, as well.

Ordered by county court to go to Mediation, they, of course, didn't respond to that either. They are hoping I will give up, probably as many have before, because they know the ins and outs of trying to get away with services they don't have to pay for...playing the odds. How this type of business behavior hasn't lead to them being put in jail, I don't know.

The judge in my small claims court case knew this company and their owners well. He sympathized with me. On the same court date, I was in the courtroom with another one of their unhappy customers who bought a car from them that they clearly did not have legal title to. The gentleman bought the car and had to give it up after giving them $6,000. They, of course, didn't show for his case, either.

All I can say, is I would not be suprised if there hasn't been a few scuffles at that place with customers being really ticked off enough to cause a fight. After many times going there trying to collect, it seemed to me it just wasn't a safe thing to do anymore. I always try to work things out with my customers, but clealy this business is driven by people who can't make a living any other way but to cheat and steal.

Save yourself some heartache and don't even pull in the parking lot (which is full of holes and may damage your car.

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