A2Z Auto Repair, Inc

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Port Charlotte
Address 1198 Enterprise Dr #1-2
Phone 19419795166
Website www.a2zautorepairinc.com

A2Z Auto Repair, Inc Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2015

Brought my diesel Sprinter into them with an electrical problem. They could not fix it after 2 months and 5 returns and more than $2000.00. This all happened during the time of preparing for my wedding and the wedding itself. Eventhough I let them know the importancce of the vehicle for transporting and coordinating the wedding, they did not care. They would not honor their warranty and told me I was out of luck because they filed bankruptcy and changed their names. Shoddy work and terrible interpersonal skills. I was told by Dan Hermance if I came by the shop to discuss this he would double tap me. Double tapping is a shooting term that means one bullet center mass and the other to the head. Not great customer service to say the least. I would stay far away from these people.

  • Jul 3, 2014

Loaned A 2 Z Auto ( Greg and Sheri Hermance $35,000) to open A2z Auto Repair. I was told by Greg he was sued for a bad deisel motor job he did and that he would pay me back. I recieved this bankrupcy notice, and now they are changing their company name to H&S Auto and Diesel Repair where his son Dan Hermance is listed as "Owner". Dan called me during Christmas time in 2012 and asked if he could borrow "$2300" so he could by xmas gifts for his kids. I havent seen that either....

They are claiming they are changing their name for other reasons.

This family is trouble!

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