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  • Apr 30, 2022

bad engine

I bough a rebuilt engine from them and it was 4 week late and had low compression,I had to send the head to the machine shop and I replaced the piston rings.stay away from AAA engine.

  • Feb 4, 2016

piss poor and very dissapointed

After my engine showed up 3 weeks late they assured me my core refund was on its a way in the full amount due back to me and that there was no problem whatsoever with the core and I would be recieving the full amountof the core charge back as I expected. 3 weeks later I recieved a check for less than half of the amount due. I called to explain the situation and they denied the previous conversation and straight up called me a liar. Its not so much about the money but the fact that they are calling me a liar is what really gets me. Im thouroghly dissapointed and will never do business with them again.

  • Jan 11, 2016

blown head gasket after only 8K miles

Wish I would have known about these websites a year & 1/2 ago, when I bought an engine from AAA (and had it installed by them). I have the 2 year, unlimited mile warranty. Pretty surprised when I took my truck in for a tune-up (because it was running real rough), and my mechanic called me later that day and gave me the bad news. I car pool with others, so I don't drive my truck very often. Never red-lined it, nor got it overheated. Pretty conservative driver. I'll see how they treat me and take care of this problem when I take it in to them. After all, their motor and they installed themselves. I'll change my score if they treat me right and correct their problem.

  • Apr 21, 2014

We ordered a replacement engine for our son's car on January 4, 2104. We paid for the engine in full at that time including a $400.00 core charge. We were told that it would take five (5) business days for the engine to be received. We had delivered the car to our mechanic during the five day period we anticipated that the engine would arrive. We were shocked and stunned that the engine was not received until the end of January despite repeated calls to the company. Once the engine was finally received, our mechanic scheduled two days the same week to replace the engine. Astoundingly, once he began working on the engine received, he realized that it was not the correct engine! It wasn't the one ordered nearly a month earlier and it was not one that would fit in the car. The company appeared very apologetic at that point. They promised to pay for our mechanics time, storage and any other expenses that were incurred by us due to the delay. They picked up the wrong engine quite quickly and assured us that the correct engine would be here within five (5) days. They assured us it was being shipped right away.

But, much to our dismay, it didn't come quickly. In fact, repeated efforts to follow up were purposely thwarted by the company by shuffling us between employees who would talk to us and say they were going to check and call back only to never call back. And, when we would attempt to reach the individual that was suppose to call back, they were never available. It was a very well orchestrated theft! The rather ironic blow came when a female called us at home one night to ask if they could pick up the engine that had been taken out of our sons car. We, of course, rather frantically explained to her that we had never gotten the replacement engine to put in the car. She assured us she was going to check on it right away and call us right back. But, again no call back. And again, when we tried to call her back, she had already gone home. So, we were still caught in the same trap. It was not until late February that the correct engine was finally received. The following week, the engine was installed by our mechanic and AAA was notified that they could pick up the motor removed from our sons car. Then came the final blow. They again picked up the motor quite quickly. But, then money! We called and called. We were told that it was going to take weeks for them to get our core charge back to us. We finally received a check today. But, not for $400.00 as promised. Rather, it was for $21.00. We had been told when they were selling us the replacement motor that we would get our chore charge back unless there was a hole in the block of the motor being removed. We were also told that they took care of shipping. But all of those were complete LIES. They withheld for every little thing that they ""SAY"" was wrong with the motor taken from our sons car. And to boot, they charged US for the return shipping. We called them about these things and were told that they would check with the guy that told us they would pay for shipping (we happen to have his name from one conversation but were never able to get him back on the phone through the entire ordeal) and call us back. Yep, we have heard that before.

Do not let anyone be scammed by this company please. It was three and a half months of pure torture that ultimately culminated in us being completely ripped off! We were without a car for two and a half months rather than two weeks, it cost more than we were told AND they pretty much told us too bad. They truly do not even care. They are dispicable lying human beings.

  • Apr 21, 2014

Looking for a rebuilt engine, and came across the above company on the internet.

Doesn't show an address on the website, so I did a few more searches, and found their address where they are supposed to be running a business... Did a map check, and it turns out to be a private residence on a residential street... No such business.

If an on line company is so shady as to not even list where they are located. What are the chances that you'll ever see a penny of your thousands of dollars, spent on an engine you have no idea where it may have come from, who built it, and above all will honor a warranty that is probably just as phoney..


  • Apr 17, 2014

Went on line to several sites on-line for a remanufactured Jaguar motor, which included Google searches, which brought up, what appear to be ligitimate motor companies... None of which show an address or location???

I made additional inquiries on Ebay. There are 4 motors for sale on Ebay, with four different sellers. After checking with Ebay, BBB, Google MAP searches, and Ripoff Reports, I have discovered, that all of these companies are bogus,

the addresses are bogus, and are all owned and operated out of a single bay repair shop, owned by A 1 Motors and an individual with numerous law suits pending, and a BBB rating of (F)... It's all a shell game, and each time too many complaints are filed, he changes the name, and plays the same game of selling extremly poor

quality engines that are Ripping off consumers. I've asked for a fraud investigation to put a stop to this permenantly. There may be additional companies that I've yet to determine if thay are part of this scam.

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