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Aamco Reviews

  • Jul 21, 2015

We decided to bring our Jeep Grand Cherokee in for a transmission rebuild. The initial inspection happened and we got an estimate and agreed to the job. The shop had our Jeep for two weeks! This should have been a couple days at most. We had to get a rental vehicle, which cost us over $1000, including the cost of gas. The total cost of the rebuild of the transmission was over $2000. We got the Jeep back finally, we were asked to bring it back in to make sure everything was good. They inspected it, test drove it, and discovered there was a problem. They ensured us the repairs are covered under the warranty. We brought it back in, the parts were supposed to be ordered and it was supposed to be a quick fix, and should have had our vehicle back the next day. In all of the weeks we have been dealing with them, not once have we received a phone call from them. Not once. We have had to call them every day to find out what is going on with our vehicle. The first two weeks we were finally informed the manager had been fired for being drunk at work, among other things. The acting manager then had to try and fix all the problems he had caused. Last time they had our Jeep, we were waiting and waiting for results, a phone call, anything. Apparently no one knows how to order parts or track them. They had our Jeep for another week, and no progress had been made, so we came and picked it up so we could have our vehicle for the weekend since the temperatures were in the 90s and our Jeep has air conditioning. They told us to bring it back in last Monday, July 13. They told us it would probably be ready that day, maybe the next day. A week later they still have the Jeep, and still have not received one phone call. We have to call them every day and find out. Most of the time their answer is that they don't know what the status is. Not once have they called us, not once have their estimates meant anything. They simply tell us what we want to hear to get us off the phone and appease us until the next day when we have to call them back. The incompetence is staggering. It boggles the mind how no one ever knows where the Jeep is, where the part is, why it hasn't been installed yet, etc. We are far from a priority. The customer service, or lack thereof, is atrocious. They weren't even going to do this last repair because they said it wasn't part of the rebuild. They finally agreed to do it without charging us further. We had to call again today and find out what the hell is going on. Now they are saying they are going to have it done today and will call us. Not holding our breath.

  • Mar 7, 2015

Was charged 8.5 hours labor at 841 bucks for a 30 minute fix that i saw done how the h*** do they justify that when i did 90% of the work taking it out of my own car and putting it back in.

  • Mar 7, 2015

I have multiple complaints with AAMCO. The biggest is the 189% excessive interest that was charged for a transmission job on my Issuzu.

On September 3rd I was admitted to the hospital with complication of my pregancy which resulted in an emergency C-section. My daughter drove our Issuzu home from the hospital and the transmission died. While in the hospital we saw an ad for Aamo Transmission and my husband quickly called.

We let the Aamco representative know our insurance would tow the vehicle to their shop to be looked at. The Aamco reprresentative said they could pick it up and got the directions. The next day they called and said our transmission needed replacing.

We were told the cost would be 2k. I had just had a baby, was trying to recover in the hospital (I was there for 6 days) and my husband and I knew we could not come up with that kind of money. My husband asked the Aamco representative if they had any type of payment plans and if they gave military discounts. Of which he was told yes they had payment plans (He would need to come into the office and fill out paperwork and Yes they gave military discounts).

He left the hospital and went to the Aamco to fill out the pre-screen paperwork under his name since I was unable to leave the hospital.

He returned to the hospital a few hours later letting me know that he was apporved upto $1500 through the Aamco and another $1300 through the Flex Plan. (He had understood that these were both programs through Aamco). He was told that we had 90 days same as cash (no interest).

A couple of days later we get a call and were told another item needed to be fixed. This wwas another $350 job. Since we had a total of the $2800 between the two plans for payment programs we did not think much about it and told them to fix it. I was going to be released in a few days and we needed a reliable transportation for our newborn. We had more important things to be thinking about with our 28 week preemie than thinking a company was going to be bleeding us dry.

On September 10th my husband went to the Aamco to pick up the vehicle thinking all he had to do was sign the paperwork and pick up the Issuzu. When he got there they told him he would need to go to another place to finishi the paperwork for the payment program. He loves his military discounts so he reminded the Aamco representative. He said they would have that added in went he signed the paperwork.

So he and my daughter went to the directions given to sign the paperwork. To his suprise it was a sale of bill, aand two contract for payment programs. They explained to my husband that he would need to set up direct deposit to for these progeams so he called me at the hospital to get the bank routing information, all the while telling the represantive of my condition, and then he gave them our banking information.

He was then told to sign both packets. Which he did. My husband does not deal with money. I handle all the bills. He had no idea that he was authorizing these companies to charge 189% interest on two seperate account with two high way robbery payments. At the time he had little sleep as he was helping me recover from almost losing my life in complication due to pregnancy along with the worry if our 28 week baby girl was going to be ok.

He was in a hurry to get back to the hospital, So he signed the paperwork. The first one with PWR Tranz LLC dba AAMCO Transmissions

Amount Financed $1500

Interst Rate 189%

Finaance Fees $1927.56

Total Payments $3427.56

Monthly Payment is $285.63

The second one is the Flex Plan Kahuna (Bloomington IL) (which has no 90 days same as cash)

Amount Financed $1009.80

Finance Rate 189%

Finance Fees $1272.00

Total Payments $2281.80

Monthly Payment $190.15

So after we were told that the transmission work would be 2k along with the second job of $350. They failed to say this did not include labor fees. The total job was $2802.54. There was no military discount added (as he was told by the Aamco representative who was fisxing our vehicle). We finance the $2509.80 the difference was paid iby us.

I do not understant how a company can charge these rates of 189%. I have used aother automotive payment plans and paud around 18-22% but never these excessive rates. We live in Arizona, I am not sure how this is legal. My husband was under a lot of stress and worries with my situation and our preemie baby this company I felt took advantage of our situation.

I would not recommend and nor would I ever use this comany to do business with again.

As of December 2014 We have quit paying the Power Tranz bill of $285 a month (I would have stopped paying on the Kahuana but I could not get it stopped from directly taking their money from our account).

  • Jan 1, 2015

Aamco Groupon $39 Brakes service Scam!!! Groupon $39 for front or rear brake service, including brake pads, rotor resurfacing, and labor ($240 value) They refused resurfacing my front rotors when honda dealer said it can be turned one more time. They wanted to charge me $245 + tax to service my calipers and put on new rotors and brakes pads. They wouldn't let me bring in my own new rotors which was only $30.99 each for Bosch rotors with lifetime warranty from O'reillys. The scammed me for $158.47 with tax for new rotors + $39 groupon fee = almost $200 for $50 worth of parts and 45 minutes labor with 5 hour waiting time. They wouldn't give me a refund on the $39 groupon coupon, even when service was denied for turning my rotors and forced me buy their overpriced parts at triple the retail cost! I video recorded mostly everything that Seattle Aamco manager said and will be posting it up on Youtube soon! If you want to only spend $39 on brake service, bring in your own brand new set of rotors and calipers just in case, so they can't overcharge you on parts. If they will ever turn your rotors, just refund your parts. I don't think they turn rotors there, I didn't see any rotor turning machine in their shop....... They use Posi Quiet semi - metallic brakes #104.02560 (not OEM) worth under $20 The rotor that they gave me wasn't OEM Just cheap Dura International #BR3134 $15.98 each at ebay with free shipping. Brand new set of Dura International CERAMIC BRAKE PADS AND DISC ROTORS COMPLETE KIT LEFT & RIGHT PAIR on ebay is $44.08 free shipping... I feel like I got scammed for $160 + $26.26 for resurfacing my old rotors at Honest Jack auto parts and wasted 8 hours of my time dealing with Aamco and Groupon...

  • Aug 30, 2014

This AAMCO location in Fort Myers, Florida refused to honor my national warrantee becuse, I had problems at an AAMCO shop in another state where the work was done. The owner did not want to work on my car because, if they did not fix my car right, they did not want to deal with me. The owner has a policy not to work on any one's cars if the customer had a problem at another AAMCO location.

  • Jul 31, 2014

I brought my nice very well taken care of truck to aamco for a warranty swap out because of a shifting issue. I was told it would take one day and I would be contacted as soon as it was done. Two days had passed and I was not contacted so I called...the response I got was "your truck will crank but not start" i said ok well plug it in and it should tell you. Then two more days passed and I showed up there and they had cut and respliced my wiring harness and doing so touched two wires together and shorted my computer (PCM) and also the back turned my engine and loosened the crank bolt...which is torqued to 130 ft lbs...then argued with me that it was all my fault and now my problem. I said um no its yours my truck ran and drove GREAT when I brought it to you now fix it. They fought with me for 2 more weeks and finally gave in and put in a new PCM and engine wiring harness. That didn't fix it because it needed 2 keys to program the new pcm and I only had one...it's a 2001 for Christ sake. After two weeks with no car I had to get a rental which for three weeks cost me $564.06 which they are not willing to pay. To end this off its now been at Ford for 3 weeks and still not running properly and I'm not in the rental because I can't afford to pay ford and drive...it's now been 2 months and I still don't have my truck. You have all been warned!!

  • Jul 16, 2014

Don't walk but Run away from this place in Pearl River, NY.

Once they get your car in, the STRONG ARMING begins. The diagnosis costs $1300 and if you decide to take your car elsewhere, he (Chris, owner) begins his tactic. Your car is taking up space in his shop and its $50 a day plus to put every thing he opened in order to diagnose, back will cost an additional $1000. And if you want it fixed, now it has to be paid in cash before he can begin work.

It cost me $5000 to fix the trans axle there and also had to tow the car back to TOYOTA to get the computer changed which cost an additional $1000. Even the dealer didn't understand why it cost that much to correct the trans axle.

In summary, don't make the mistake I've made. Don't take your car to AAMCO in Pearl River; you're sure to get strong armed. He was unprofessional, condescending and demeaning to woman about their knowledge of a motor vehicle.


Someone who doesn't like getting strong armed and does not want to see this happen to a neighbour.

  • Jul 11, 2014

I took my car to AAMCO, it was SUPPOSED to be the #1 transmission place. Told the guy what was going on, left it with him. Called every week for updates. Was finally told that it did need a new transmission and that it would cost $2000 and another few hundred for a fan clutch. Was told I could pick it up on Wed, then Thursday. Then I was told it wouldn't be ready until June 5, 2009. I left the car at the shop on June 15th. When I got there, a mechanic had his hands in my car and was replacing the can clutch. I call and ask what was going on, it was supposed to be done. He calls me back 20 minutes later and says it is done. So I go back and pay the jerk. I drive the car home and it is worse than when I took it in. I called him back and told him. Eric and I go for a test drive and he agrees that there is something still wrong with the truck, so he refunds me the money back. I tell him that I would like the keys and he gives them to me. I go to leave and he goes and sits in the car. Not allowing me to leave. Had his mechanic disable the car. I contact the police and tell them what is occuring. Finally, Eric gets out of the car and leaves, I go to get in my car and he comes around, laying on top of me, fondling me for the heys. My mother and I both call the police. He gets off of me and shuts the door on my foot. The police arrive, and state that we aren't able to know if he really did the work. But that I have to pay him anyway. Eric calls days later and says it is ready. I go back to AAMCO and my cousin test drives the vehcile. Again, it runs worse than when I took it there. I had to pay him or I couldn't get my car back. I took it to another mechanic, the fan clutch was the wrong size and it never needed a transmission. So a $200 job ended up costing me $2500 and a LOT of heartache. HE IS A JERK!! Whatever you do, do not deal with this guy. He and his staff have no idea what they are doing. Eric, the manager finally tells me the car did not need a transmission. STAY AWAY FROM AAMCO, EL PASO!!!


Lockport, New York


  • May 9, 2014

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ***AAMCO***Ripoff****missleading*****

i called aamco on 04/07/2014 cause of my cadillac transmission problem. first i spoke to rick and told him that i was having transmission problem and needed my transmission check, Rick claim that it may not be the transmission rick claim that it may have need a flush / TUNE UP OR A FILTER REPLACED

However, the auto was taken to the 18400 ne 2ave location and the test was perform few howers later i got a call from marcos the manager he claim that the machine could'nt find the problem and they may have to go into the transmission and it may not be the transmission, it may need a flush tuneup or a filter.

once the transmission was taken out of the car ***RICK*** the so call district manager called and quoited me with a almost $3,000 to repair the transmission. how in the world didi you go from maybe ****a flush/tuneup/ or a filter to that amount of dollars *****CONSUMER*******please report AAMCO******DONT WAST TIME CALLING THE DISTRICT OFFICE****AAMOC HAS several locations owned by the same ownwers heres a few # 954-985-7138/305-651-4215****RUN***RUN**** i will be reporting them to the better business and will be calling my lawyers.

  • May 9, 2014

Long story short we took my sisters Lincoln Ls to scamaamco. (Aamco) To fix radiator leak 3700 dollars later it was fixed supposedly. Roughly 4 months later 8000 miles later it breaks down again. (So it's still under warranty).My sister calls Aamco and talks to the owner Derek. Tells him what happened to her car and of course Greedy A** Derek tells my sis that it would cost her 200.00 to hook it up to diagnosis machine. Force to park the Ls in her driveway my sis had no option but to finace a 2007 civic. 4 months later a gentleman wanted to buy it as is for 2000.00.Blue is 5500.00.

So loosing a lot of money. So me and the man take the Ls back to Aamco just to have them hook it up to the diagnosis machine. No charge. Tell the GM whitey just to hook it up to machine nothing else becuz I wasn't putting any more money into it. Just wanted to see if the problem with the car was anything they already did. Of course they didn't listen and took the whole car apart. then they say it's the intake manafold is leaking that's the problem. Remember I told them not to work on it just hook it up to diagnosis machine.

(come to find out 3 weeks later when I could finally pic up the car. It wasn't driveable. One owner (Derek) tries to lie and cover up what they did to my sis car. But the other owner Steve told the truth and said we seen a leak by mana fold so we just keep digging and digging to find the leak but supposedly couldn't. Come to find out by owner Steve that they tried to seal the leak with caulking When we brought the Ls in the first time. But never told me or my sis. Or put it on the receipt. See they knew theyscrewed up the first time so they tried to fix it under our nosees.

what kind of company takes apart something before even finding out if they can get a new one. Answer Aamco I go and pic up the car and it won't drive. Sounds like car is going to blow up. Remember we drove the Ls there with no problems. But had to have towed back to my home. Great co. Can't take apart right can't put it back together either. So lost the sell of the car. Oh ya they also put a dent in my passenger side door. showed the owners but thy gave no commit just ignored me. 889.00 to fix door. So we r suing them in small claims court. And also reported them to bureu of auto repair. everybody out there stay away from that lieing greedy a** owner Derek. Gm whitey is the only one with a least some compassion.

  • May 6, 2014

Aamco Total Car care in San Marcos, TX (franchise owned by Fred) on Highway 123.

Paid Aamco 2400.00 just over a year ago to ""rebuild"" my transmission. Fred the owner was very nice and the work was done in two days. He said the cars transmission was totally rebuilt, and that it would drive like a new car. He included a 12 month warranty on the rebuild. The car did not shift smoothly and I could tell that the transmission had not been rebuilt just by the hard shifting and sloppy performance. I called Aamco and told them it was shifting rough and Fred said it was just the break in period, and the performance would get better with time.

Well 2 weeks after the warranty expired it stopped working, and left me stranded in Austin on the side of the road. I called Aamco and asked them to tow it to their shop and fix the ""rebuilt"" transmission, but they said since it was over the warranty, they could do nothing to help me, or stand behind their work. They were very eager to get me to pay them again to tow the car, and rebuild the newly rebuilt transmission, but I declined to pay them any more money. I called Aamco to talk to Fred/Owner directly because he seemed like such a honorable person the first time, but was told he is deployed in Afghanistan and cant be contacted. Well he was contacted by email supposedly and the honorable Fred said he would not fix the car. (what a guy) (american military rip off artist?)

So why did the cars transmission go 150,000 miles and twelve years for Ford, but only twelve and a half months and 20000 miles for Aamco????? Did they rebuild my transmission ? I think not, rather just replaced a faulty component, got it working and claimed to have rebuilt the transmission. They probably crossed their fingers and hoped it would make it through the 12 month warranty. The cars miles were all highway miles from San Marcos to Austin and back. These people give Auto Repair a bad name, and are why most everybody does not trust mechanics. Be very wary of any Aamco because this is how they do buisness. This is how they treat a 2400.00 customer. Aamco claimed to rebuild my transmission (have it in writing) We all know had it been rebuilt it would still be working. Now the car is going to the scrap yard because I will not make another 2400.00 mistake.

How is this legal? Thanks Aamco San Marcos !!! Thanks Juan, Ryan, and Fred !!!

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