Aaron's gm Gary And Sales Associate April

Country United States
State Australia
City Fort Collins
Address 216 W Horsetooth Rd
Phone 9704988881

Aaron's gm Gary And Sales Associate April Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2014

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Preview Report Title: store gm Gary and sales associate Angel Aaron's sales and lease fort collins store f353 my wife called in to report that due financial issues that we wouldn't be able to make our payment and to arrange for our dryer to be picked up. she first spoke to sales associate Angel who came off rude right away stating that wr couldn't return the dryer because we didnt have enough time in to do so. my wife tried to explain our situation and and was told that we had to come up with a payment because we had already had it for half a month again my wife stated that we had no money. Angle then demanded we make at least half. again my wife stated the issue not really giving my wife a chance to talk then she was placed on hold. store gm Gary answered my wife once again had to explain to him what was going on . At this time she was told that if we do want to continue with the return that we will be charged 3 payments and if we don't pay after the return that we would basically be turned over to collections and reported to credit agencies. Gary this whole time was talking down to her and making her feel bad because we are returning it because we couldn't afford it. we have had issues with the store in the past but not like this last issue was resolved by corporate and cris then store gm.never again will they get our business. fort collins Colorado

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