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Aaron's, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2014

My family have been loyal customers of Arrons for more then 3 years now. We have made our payments on time and if we were gonna be late for any reason what so ever we always called the store and they were understanding and dealt with us in a fair and decent manor.

Recently they have undergone a change of managment. The old manager was fantastic, we had no issues what soever. This new manager seemed ok, we had no issues until recenlty.

It is the Christmas season and with all bills and everything and the kids christmas I had contacted the local Arrons store to talk about a payment holiday option. The employee I talked to said he needed to talk to "The Boss Man" and that he will get back to me in a second. I go put onhold, afew moments later someone other then the employee answers the phone (assuming the manger as the employee was talking to the Boss Man).

I started to explain the situation to the manager. It is the Christma season and with bills and having Christmas for the kids it is tight financially and wanted to use a Payment Holiday. It clearly states in my lease agreement on the page regarding my Arrons Service Plus Program.

4. Payment Holiday: I may defer one-half of 2 Monthley Renewal Payments for any reason whatsoever and not be regarded as being in default or subject to a Reinstatement Fee. Thes deferred Renewal Payments then will become the last of the Renewal Payment that I must make in order to aquire ownership of the Leased Property. To get these deferrals, I must have made 4 Monthly Renewal Payments or 8 Semi-Monthly Renewal Payments in a timely manner. I may obtain these deferras while my agreement is in effect by coming to the Lessor store identified in my Lease Agreement and signing a Payment Holidy Request Fom prior to the due date of the Renewal Payments of which I wish to defer one-half.

The manager told me no, that he can not approve this as Arrons does not "Finance Christmas". So I told him that I can not afford to make the full pament and he told me, well you should not have said anything about Christmas then I could help. But it states in the Agreement above that I could do a payment holiday for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. So I told the Manager that we can not make the full payment and that he will have to come pick up his product. At this point his mood changes. I states to me that I have "F***** UP" twice the first by mentioning Christmas and the second by "Threatening" him with his product. I did not threaten i just said we are not gonna be able to make the full payment and that we wanted the payment holiday and we were being denied it so we would not be able to make payment so he would have to probably come pick up his product. He proceeded with "You do not threaten me, do you wan help yes or no?" I agree that yes I would like help and he just says "I will extend your payment 2 weeks that is all, GOODBYE!" and then he hung up the phone.

He did at least extend my p[ayment bye two weeks but the fact that he completely ignored the contract about payment holiday and then the language he used while talking to me is not very good customer service at all!

Buyer beware, if you do not mind being talked to like crap and having your contracts that you signed being ignored then by all means shop at Arrons otherwise avoid until new managment is hired because that is uncalled for.

  • Nov 13, 2014

Pople need to be aware that purchasing from Aaron's Sales and Lease is a huge ripoff. By the time you pay allthe fees for the financing of the item you are purchasing yoh ,ay be paying up to three times the actual new price of the item. Not to mention the items are not any better quality than any other place. Then if your payment is a day late, they start calling you, like every 10 minutes sometime, most places allow a 7 day grace period, sometimes a person pay period does not fall when payment is due. So buyer, beware! Thjnk hard before you think you have to purchase here, two payments to them and you could have outroght bought what you wanted anyways!

  • Aug 9, 2014

We called them on Monday to come and pick up our couches we have rented from them for 4 months. Throughout the week, they oh hummed about coming to get them. When they finally show up today they refused to take them because there was "normal wear" on one seat. The guy that came explained that my particular couch set tends to do this all the time but it isn't covered on the warranty.

So, he called his manager and described the "normal wear" and explained (and i quote) "smaller than a dollar bill and not that bad". The manager then asked to speak with me. The manager explained that because of the "damage", we would have to pay to repair the couch or continue making payments and that they would NOT be picking up the couches.

I flipped!! When I signed the contract the manager CARL, assured me that this would not be the case and no penalty or problems would prevent a return. WHAT A G****** LAIR!!!

At this point I just want to load the stupid things on my truck and take it back myself.

Anyone else have this problem???

Believe me, I will be posting this on YELP, BBB, and any other site I can find.

Natalie, FL

  • Jul 25, 2014

I bought a bed room suit from them, only to find within weeks that... in fact had bed bug's. I have tried to resolve this issue only to be called a lier and uneducated. They have brushed it under the rug for over a year now.... I need help with getting this issue resolved.

  • Jul 7, 2014

When I had agreed t rent-to-buy a laptop computer from your Franklin Indian location, I was under the influence that if anything was to happen, it would either be replaced or fixed without penalties. There was to be full insurance on the agreement (Lie #1).

Well, I was lied to. Not just once, but many times. The agreement was signed after the beginning of January, I think somewhere around the 5th or 6th. Then the payments were agreed upon the 1st of the month with a 7 day grace, no problem, so I thought. We had a small accident with the device in February, and had to take it in for repairs or replacement. We were promised things would be taken care of and the people gave us a loaner to use. Come March, we received a call saying that it was fixed but the agreement would not cover the damage (Lie #2, refer to Lie #1). I was fine with having to pay a few extra bucks on the agreement for the repairs. When my wife and went to retrieve it, we discovered that it wasn’t fixed yet (Lie #3). They wanted our consent to make the repairs (Lie #4, consent was given at the time we gave it to them to fix).

Then, we got another call in April, saying it was done and ready for us to pick up (Lie #5). Since my schedule was so chaotic, it was late April when we could pick it up. We went to exchange the loaner for our repaired unit and was told (Lie #6, refer to Lie #3&4) that they need our consent and it was sitting in the back of the store warehouse the whole time in bubble wrap, not fixed.

On July 3, 2014, my wife and I went back to the store to find out information and a person brought it out, still in bubble wrap, not fixed. I was told that the repair shop was waiting for parts(Lie #7, the repair shop was never given the device). I set the loaner on the counter and said “I’m done; we are threw with the lies. Cancel the agreement” and walked out. I was angry, but did not let it show. After looking at all the paperwork, I discovered that your company charges 90% interest rate. Other places only charges between 5% and 10%, or none at all. I would not have minded so much about the OUTRAGEOUSLY high interest rate, but all the constant LIES and hounding me for payments 1 or 2 days past the first of the month was simply over the top. Regular people do not get paid the first of every month and most companies know this to be true. That is why they are flexible with billing. This is the first, only, and last time I ever do business with you CROOKS!

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