Aaron Janke

Country United States
State El Salvador
City Beloit
Address 2870 S. Bartells Drive

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  • Jul 30, 2014

Dude are you f****** stupid??? Obviously I asked for part numbers again from you because my wife sent it out not f****** me duh!!!!! Lets go to court, bring it the f*** on a**hole you done pissed me off now! And yes the trim pump was working fine and I have certified marine mechanic who rebuilt the motor who will back that up in court and he will also verify all that shit that mysteriously came up missing at your marina was on it when you bought it! And last I did order a prop for you, off of Ebay and it got sent to a wrong address and its on its way to me here in Beloit now... And for your better business Bureau go for it, I will answer back I am not a business in any way, you bought a motor off of me on Craigslist which is how it happened. Maybe you should of asked to see this motor run or operate when you bought it, then I would of gladly shown you everything function but you didnt, I mean who spends that kind of money and doesn't even ask to see it run??? Now stop wasting my time, I see any more emails from you they will be deleted....

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Date: 07/15/2014 9:50 AM (GMT-06:00)


Just so you know, I realize now that you have lied repeatedly. 3 specific instances. (1) You told me that your wife had shipped an email package to the marina with missing parts. This ‘package’ did not show up and when I contacted you later, I had to send drawings of the parts so you could identify them. So you obviously had not send anything previously. (2) You said the tilt/trim motor was working in your shop. I ordered a new one and helped the mechanic change it out. There is no way the motor worked in your shop. It did not take current and the hydraulic reservoir was completely empty. The lift did not work. (3) The propeller on the motor was completely unfit for the motor and the boat. You told me that you would order a new one and I should send the other one back to you. No propeller has arrived so obviously you did not order one.

Your lies have cost me a considerable amount of money and time. A brief summary includes tilt/trim motor $68 (cheapest on the internet), mechanic to install $125 ( a private mechanic- much less than the marina). A propeller $165, additional cost of taking the boat out of the water twice to fix $150. This does not include any of the time I spent on this or my gas to pick up parts and propeller.

I do not think you should be able to lie to people and not suffer consequences. I am taking two courses of action. (1) filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Everyone will see when they google your name. (2) we are filing in small claims court for reimbursement. We have the paperwork from Wisconsin and will be sending later this week.

It is unfortunate that a simple transaction has to come to this but I and every other consumer expect honesty. You have demonstrated that no one can rely on your word.

Aaron janke sold me a used boat motor- through Craigs list. I delivered my old motor and picked up rebuild from him. the marina that had my boat said parts were missing. Aaron was cooperative and said he would ship. When no parts appeared a month later, I emailed him and had to send drawings of the parts- then went to pick them up. I don't thnk he ever sent. Then trim motor did not work. Aaron claimed it worked in his shop. I helped mechanic install new one. Old one was completely locked up and there was no hydraulic oil in the system. The trim motor obviously was never run. Then propellor was completely wrong for the boat. Aaron said that he would order new one for me and I could send old one back to him. It never came. When I sent him email i got the below profanity laced response. My original email to him is below. Aaron cannot be trusted. HIS EMAIL BELOW

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