Aaron, PHO Construction

Country United States
State Belgium
City Honolulu
Phone 808-688-6309

Aaron, PHO Construction Reviews

  • Dec 20, 2014

This guy Aaron is placing ads on Craigslist claiming that he is looking for a house to rent with his family. However, when I called, he was on the defense from the get-go and wouldn't tell me what he was looking for. I said that I had a 2-bedroom place to rent out. He asked if I was selling. I said I was not and asked if he was looking to buy. He said "it depends" and asked again if I was looking to sell. I said no again. He became belligerent and asked what it is I wanted. I told him this was getting weird, so I was going to hang up, at which point he proceeded to cuss me out, and I hung up. Don't get mixed up with this creep.

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