Aaron Shumake Fitness LLC

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address 15811 Pleasant Well Drive
Phone 1.830-538-4378
Website https://aaronshumakefitness.com

Aaron Shumake Fitness LLC Reviews

  • Jul 4, 2015

Very Disappointed - After following Aaron Schumake on social media (Instagram and snapchat), I have been majorly let down by a guy who I thought was an inspirational personal trainer and fitness model, but has turned out to be a phony and internet program scammer. Aaron released a 30 day challenge and promised things such as personalised training and food plans with an option for a mobile number he would provide to text for an additional cost. He would also have weekly video updates and answer all questions - ultimately provide support to all members. Unfortunately the program did not start on time and I had to chase Aaron for the program, which I didn't receive until a week after the challenge had apparently started. I then was advised to download a program called 'My Fitness Pal' to track and update all of my own food intake. There was no program, just a calorie counter - mind you all of the information that I provided as part of the requested questionare was not put into the program correctly, and therefore my macros were all wrong.

I emailed several times but may have received one email back, it was in this email that I told Aaron how disappointed i was with the lack of keeping to the promises made by him for the program. He did email me back and say that it is as he intended and just to go with it... I am a personal trainer, so did know the basics to know that this was no personalised challenge as he stated. Finally, I have received 1 video (which was a generic sent to anyone who insisted in the program), and never received any further responses to my emails, and guess what, still no number to txt. I paid $199 USD which actually equates to $269 NZD, this was a complete scam and to make matters even worse, Aaron has now started a new challenge as part of Instagram. I commented on this also that I was still waiting for an email to my questions, however he was quick to delete the comment and write 'sent' to me.... Do not trust ANYTHING this guys says, do not do his programs. He takes your money and provided nearly nothing of what he promises. To make matters even worse, he has a brand called EHP LABS, which I also now doubt is at all legit. Very disappointing.

  • Mar 19, 2015

This website is a major rip off!! you join for 39.99 and its a recurring payment. he sends you a questionairre when you pay and you fill it out. it says it takes 10-14 days to recieve your plan. here we are almost a month and a half later and i have recieved NOTHING from him. not even one response to my emails. dont trust this guy. he claims to care about people in his program but hes a fake!!! dont buy anything from him and dont trust him!! its a recurring payment and theres no way to stop the payments without cancelling your bank card.

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