Aashia Cole

Country United States
State American Samoa
Phone 7205152731

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  • Jul 24, 2014

I posted tenant wanted on Craigslist to rent open room in my home. I have tenant leaving and wanted to find replacement. Aaisha responded to my ad and said that she was moving to Atlanta from Cape Town, South Africa and her Uncle David Stones would pay her deposit & 1st month rent. We went back & forth quite a few times, I spoke with her & her Uncle and then he sent funds for Aaisha fees.

I received an unmarked envelope with 3 money orders enclosed for $975.00 each, which is over the amount requested. The money orders were dated a month prior to my meeting Aashia and they didn't look quite right.... When I asked why so much to see what the suspected response would be? Aaisha said that they needed me to cash and send back extra funds for her to have her car released for her move.

I quickly told her to cease our connection, communication and that she should be ashamed for the SCAM practice.

Picture sent enclosed. Hope this saves the next guy!

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