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  • Oct 29, 2014

Matilda prince convicted of welefare fraud in GA, just a few years ago, she was an eye doctor. matilda prince is a rip off too, she tried to get my dog for a deposit of $1,000.00 and my dog was for sale for $4,000.00 the deposit to hold her was 1,000.00 after finding out that abbey bailey and or matilda prince are either the same person or she had a friend contact me as abbey bailey? she filed a rip off report on me here on this site, and I am here to say I did not rip her off!

paypal found that her clain or complaint was false. paypal closed the complaint case. I now after 5 weeks refuse to send her deposit back. I called bulldog breeders and they told me about matilda prince the convicted eye doctor in GA. I am not sure who I was dealing with? dont let her send you a deposit for an animal dog or horse any kind of animal she will not pay the total amount for the animal and then crys wolf! shame on you for trying to rip me off for $3,000.00 then it states on here the complaint was from the state of arizona? hummm who am I really dealing with? she tried to say her best friend died, then her grounds keeper died, then the pup was too big to ship via air, then she said she will send him ground shipper, after 4 weeks I found the pup was never coming. I asked her to prove his registration in same kennel club as my dog, she never did. I asked her to ship pup, again always an excuse. Then a "ground shipper" joann, called at 10pm CA time and abbey bailey and or matilda prince had not paid for my dog in full so I refused to ship a dog that was not paid for in full. I explained I had strict rules regarding registration and could npot accept the pup if he was not registered in same kennel club! she said okay, and I never got prof or the puppy. Thus my dog was not paid in full. BEWARE of scam and rip off in GA and TN and maybe AZ?

Thank you,

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