ABC Energy, LLC

Country United States
State Chile
City White Plains
Address 200 E. Post Road
Phone 866 497 2041

ABC Energy, LLC Reviews

  • Jan 19, 2015

Atlantis Business Consultants is a company that makes their money buy ripping people off and scamming them. Do not do business with this company. They train their employees to do whatever they have to do to get the sale. Once they get a hold of your Con Ed ir your Utility Bill Account Number they will lock you in with their company at their rate and their terms by forging your signature, lying to get your account number by telling you any and everything they think you wanna hear.

The company is ran by two Theif's. Tiffany and Mark Lakness. They used to work for Direct Energy. They met there and decided to steal all their renewals and leads and start up their own company with the leads that they stole. They treat most of their employees like shit by paying them poorly and promising them promorions that never happen. Their employees don't get that they work thier Ass's off to make these two idiots tens of thousands of dollars a month and then get compensated with a $50.00 bill.

One of my friends who just left working their told me that their new skeem is going into and calling business's threatining to close them down if the didnt switch To their esco. Another is they lie and tell their customers that they represent the Utlilty company.

Tiffany is the CFO, while Mark is the CEO and they will do anything for money. She wears the pants in the relationship and is known to be quite the b*tch. I have even heard of stories of her threatening employees by telling them that she is not going to pay them and that she will fire them if they didn't listen to everything she said.

I'm glad I left that phony company in 2013. At first when I started working there I couldn't believe all the lies they we're telling us to tell the customers. anything to get the account number, anything to close the sale. if the customer calls to cancel give them the run around until they get so frustrated that they stop calling. I am so Happy my friend finally left this company and now believe what I was telling him and warning him.

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