ABC Hyundai

Country United States
State Cape Verde
City Las Vegas
Address 6825 redwood st.
Phone Las Vegas

ABC Hyundai Reviews

  • Aug 27, 2015

It doesn't get any worse than this dealership. I have dealt with two other hyundai dealerships in the past and i should have went to them instead. I went to abc because it was closer to my house. Huge mistake!

I was there with my fiancé for over 5 hours negotiating a price on my hyundia tucson Which i really love. It's been a great car). Well i left the dealership after it took them almost an hour to "clean" it and we were on our way.

Three days later i get a call from the finance department saying they needed me to come down and sign some final paperwork. I asked them what the paperwork was and the guy said, "i can't say over the phone." so i picked up my niece and nephew from school who are 4 and 5, took them to the dealership when all of a sudden the finance guy said i now owed more money. At this point i should have just left, but i had the kids and didn't want to argue in front of them so i signed it.

I can't believe after 5 hours a few days before and shaking countless numbers of hands, and signing a contract they would go back on their word and make a customer so upset over a few dollars per month.

If that wasn't enough, i called and talked to the finance manager a couple days later because this rubbed me the wrong way, i explained to him what happened and told him i would have to give abc hyundai bad scores and he said, these are his exact words, "go ahead, you are free to do that." are you kidding me!?!?!?

I urge anyone looking for a car to stay as far away from this place as you can! they are a complete scam, go to any other dealership in vegas before you go to them.

  • Nov 15, 2014

ABCHyundai, in an attempt to get people to buy their vehicles, stole customer lists from other dealerships. Even if these people are DNC lists, they make the employees call these people, and even put them into there "Dealersocket" CRM system BEFORE anyone makes contact with them.

Yes, that means if you walked into a dealership in Las Vegas at anytime and gave up your phone number or email, you may be in their system and they will call you and offer you deals that are subject to approval, just to bring you in and tell you that you do not qualify.

Calling and offering deals that are unlikely to happen are one thing, but when you steal lists from other dealerships to sell cars, that's wrong. These lists were obtained from disgruntled employees that left their orginal dealership and went to work for GM Alex Estay.

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