Abe's of Maine

Country United States
State Central African Republic
City Linden
Address 1805 Lower Road
Phone 800-992-2237
Website www.abesofmaine.com/

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  • Dec 27, 2014

I orered a camera and equipment set from Abe's of Maine after Thanksgiving. The price for the camera was lowere than other advertisers and I had been steered there by a price comparison program called PriceBlink. I placed my order online using Paypal which was available on the website.

About six in the evening that day, I received a phone called from "Miles" at Abe's of Maine. He said that the camera I had ordered was not the "American" model and that if I bought the camera that I had ordered all the manuals and information would not be in English. However, if I wanted the "American" version I could buy it but it would cost me an additional $150. When I pressed him as to what language the information was on the original camera, he dodged answering and asked me what languages I spoke. We went around like that for a while.

At that point I said I wanted to cancel the order. He argued with me and finally I said that I wanted to talk to his supervisor. He kept asking me to justify why I needed to speak with the supervisor. Finally he said he would transfer me to a supervisor. Actually what he did was to disconnect me. When I called back, I got a recorded message telling me that the office was open only until 6:00 pm.

At that point, I called Paypal and spoke with someone in their fraud division. As soon as I explained my problem she asked me to hold. When she came back on, she informed me that she was aware of problems with this company and that they had not only put in to be paid for the original order, but had also put through an invoice to get an additional amount for the"American" order that I said I didn't want. She immediately put on fraud hold on any billing to my account from Abe's of Maine and Westfield Electronics.

Within 15 minutes, I got a call from Abe's of Maine wanting to know why Paypal would not release funds to them. I told her everything that had happened and insisted that the order had been canceled and furthermore they had no authorization to place a second order. She said she would be sure to cancel the order.

Over the next 2 weeks, Abe's of Maine called repeatedly about the order. I did not take the calls and everytime a message was left to call a different person at the company. The calls stopped after about 2 weeks and I have not heard back since. When I did a Google search on the company, I found website with hundreds of complaints about Abe's of Maine and Westfield Electronics. Virtually every complaint described the exact same bait and switch scenario that I had encountered. Fortunately, I had ordered through Paypal and when I contacted them they helped me avoid losing any money to these frauds.

I can only urge everyone to never order from these crooks.

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  • Jan 29, 2015

Abe's of Maine

I ordered a Nikon D750 for $1499, way below retail. Thank God I used PayPal. I got a call to confirm the order and the guy talked me in to ordering the American model instead of the import and upgraded me to a high capacity battery and charger for $580 more. When I got the camera, it was a EU model, which is European or Import. I called the company to complain and the guy said the gold box meant it was a US model. They think you're stupid. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and PayPal. I noted in my complaint that the advertisement on Abe's of Maine website for the US model and Import model are identical as to what is included. I also found out that Abe's of Maine is in New Jersey. I got refunded $580.

  • Dec 18, 2014

They held up my daughter order (xmas present for her brother) by 2 weeks the service man was rude when i told him that she was upset it might not be here in time for her to give it as a present. He replied "SO" WILL NEVER USE AGAIN EVER!! HORRIBLE!!!! DO not use unless you don't plan on having items in a timely fashion! her Christmas is ruined

  • Jul 22, 2014

On 7/16/2014 I ordered a Sony model SNKDL55w950B tv online from Abe's of Maine, The advertised price was 1249.00 with free shipping, and I recieved an order number and conformation.

On 7/17/2014 I recieved a call from a gentleman named David who told me that the tv I ordered was the commercial model that did not come with any warranty or any of the 3d glasses or accesories that the residential model comes with.

He also informed me that I would have to pay insurance on the shipment incase of damage, which I agreed to since I read it on the website. He then told me that the price of the residential model of this tv that came with all the accessories was 1699.00, but that he would cut me a break and sell it to me for 1499.00 plus the shipping. He then tried to get me to agree to extended warranty and a host of other cables and items I was not interested in.

I went ahead and agreed to pay the 1499.00 for the tv and 44.97 for the shipping insurance , to which came to a total of 1543.97 on my credit card. I did this as I had seen the tv advertised a lot of other places for anywhere from 1599.00 to 1899.00.

After I thought about it a little bit I went back and checked my paperwork that I had printed off and their ad that is posted on the internet clearly states that it is the same model tv that is on the order I agreed to for the 1499.00 and the 1249.00 price tv is the exact same model number and shows on the website that it comes with all the 3d glasses and accessories!

The order is supposedly on its way to me and I intend on keeping the tv , I just feel I was baited and switched out of a couple of hundred dollars on this deal!!! Buyers Beware of this company.!!!!

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