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  • Apr 21, 2014

I have recently been dealing with an Identity Theft Issue that has recently come to my attention through the IRS.

I have placed an FTC Complaint/Report, Police Report and notified all necessary agencies pertaining to my case. I have recently have received my personal credit report and I have been contacting all the necessary creditors and collection agencies in regards to the issue. This particular agency ABILITY RECOVERY AGENCY, LLC took over for ACC, LLC (the name listed on my credit report) was the most rude, obnoxious and arrogant phone conversation. I contacted the number directly that was on my credit report and got put through to a representative of the company, he did not introduce himself firstly, secondly I stated my issue to him and he asked if I placed this specific claim in my police report and I explained to him that because of the primary issue that set off the alert the specific of the police report at the time only had the issue from the IRS, as well as the FTC report. Both the FTC and Police Dept recommended that I obtain my credit report and address the particulars with the specific agencies first. His response was then there is no proof that anyone else handled anything with Penn Foster and there is no proof that I am not trying to write this off because of convenience. Yet he never bothered to look up any information or ask me any specific details ad when I asked to speak to a supervisor he said that he will take my information and someone will call me in the morning.

So the blantently rude, arrogant person who is representing this company has no regard for any customer service skills or know how to even handle any situation. I can be rude and offensive in regards to this situation especially since I have been dealing with this whole identity theft issue, but I will take a higher road and say that this company absolutely needs to get the hell out of this business and move on.

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  • Mar 19, 2019

I was checking my credit report and i saw the company on my report. I search and i found numerous of report about this come. I have no idea who this company is. How can i have this company removed form my credit report.

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