Ability Recovery Services LLC

Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Moosic
Address 1 Montage Mountain Road
Phone (855) 207-1892
Website https://abilityrecoveryservices.com

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  • Feb 19, 2015

So, I had pulled my credit reports from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. When I had looked over the information, I saw that Ability Recovery Services LLC had multiple collections posted on my credit reports. About 8 different reports. I have been going through 2 different identity theft situations myself and decided to reach out to the collection agency. So, I called them and some guy answered the phone after going through the promps to talk to someone and he never said his name. He immediately asked me why I was calling in a snobby tone. When I explained that I have collection reports on my account from them, he asked me for an account number. I told him that I was sorry that I did not have one. He made a huge sigh and demanded my social security number. I gave him mine. Yelled that it didn't pull up anything and then demanded for my first and last name. He said that he finally found something for me. He stated that there was only one account open. I asked if he could give me a little bit more information from it. He gave me the balance and the account number and that was it. I asked about the other reports that are on my account and he said that they are closed. I asked him what that meant and he yelled at me stating that it went back to the school "Penn Foster" and that they don't have them anymore. I asked for the account numbers on those and he refused to give them to me. I asked him for the phone number to the school and he told me to just look it up. I asked him if they could take those reports that are closed and he said that we have the right to post those and you have to dispute them. I have to dispute something that has been closed? They should automatically take them off if they are closed! Very rude and snobby guy that had no professionalism or courtosy! I work in customer service everyday and I know how to act! This guy seemed like he hated his job and didn't want to be there. Be more professional! You state you have 30 years of professionalism??? It definitely does not show it!!!

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  • Oct 31, 2014

This outfit has persisted in phoning me FOR YEARS about a "debt" of a person unknown to me.

If this "debt" is legitimate, sue that person. Stop bothering me.

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