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Able Translations Ltd Reviews

  • Apr 21, 2015

I just started working for Able Translations after a 5 years absense due to a serious car accident. I started taking assignments in September 2014. Before my car accident, I never experienced any real delays with payment. Unfortunately, this was not the case this time. I have not received any payments for any assignments since Sep 2014 (approx 20 assignments). This totals about over $1500. I have sent emails, I have called, left messages and spoke to Nicole Cunningham but to no avail because I receive no emails, calls or money. I finally spoke with Nicole Cunningham the beginning of March and demanded payment but she said that only Anabela Cintra could issue a cheque. She told me that she was on vacation until the end of the month (must be nice a month vacation with the money she steal from us). She told me that she would call me on her return. I waited but no call ever came. It was now over a month and I attempted to call again. Once again, the runaround ensued. This time the reps said there was no one available to speak with and I could only send an email. They insisted that they could not transfer the call.

After several attempts, I managed to find Anabela Cintra's direct line. I called and to my surprise and hers she answered the phone. I asked her about getting a cheque for all my assigments since Sep 2014 but she plays dumb and says that she has nothing to do with payments or signing cheques. She denies any responsibility and says to send an email. I know for a fact that she signs the cheques because I saw her name on cheques previously. Again, I achieved nothing and received no money. Isn't it nice that she went on a month long vacation with the interpreter's money.

What makes this situation worse is that I stopped working because I had a serious car accident almost 5 years ago and it left me with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression and severe debt. I was working as much as I could handle, many times more than my body could handle in order to pay my debts. Now, I have additional gas and parking expenses and as well, NO PAY for all my hard work.

How can this company get away with not paying their interpreters for over a year? Why does no one do anything? Can the Ministry of Labour not help us? Maybe a TV news station can help us. Can anyone help us get paid? Maybe a class-action lawsuit? Why are interpreters still working for them?

  • Apr 1, 2015

I completed a translation this company in early December 2014. They haven't paid mesince then. I honestly thought that there's some misunderstanding/lost invoice, etc., but they haven't replied to any of the multiple email inquiries I sent them in the past 3 months. Only when I mentioned, in my last email few days ago, that I am looking into a legal action, they sent a short email with a reply that makes no sense--my guess is, they probably send the same reply to everyone.

I'm saying this because after doing some research online, I found that I am not the only one. There are quite a few translators and interpreters out there who have fallen prey to this fraudulent company and I honestly don't know how they still keep operating.

  • Mar 30, 2015

Similar to many of my colleagues who have voiced their complaints regarding this company via many channels: including able currently owes me over $1000, over 7 unpaid invoices since i started working for them in september of 2014. You can simply google: "able translations not paying" and you can see many reports about this incident, rendering this issue a genuine complaint.

I have contacted the company for payments many times with no prevails and will be pursuing legal actions against the company. I will also contact each and every one of the clients i have served on behalf of able to inform them about able's lack of payment to me just so they are aware and would reconsider twice before hiring able for the next assignments.

I am writing this report in hopes that future colleagues considering working for able will have a clear picture of what they are getting themselves into and i hope this will spare someone else from being scammed by able translations in the future!

Vivian l.

  • Mar 16, 2015

I Started taking Assignments from Able Translations 5 years ago. I can see how this company transformed from one of the best places to work for to one of the worst. From getting paid within 30 days with a cheque delivered in the mail to waiting 3 to six months if you are lucky and you have to visit them weekly to talk to somebody since nobody there will answer emails or reply to your voicemails. They keep changing contact person every few months and every person will refere you to another person in an endless cycle.

I stopped taking assignments from them but they still owe me thousands of dollars for hours of traveling, and wasting my time in traffic.

They should be ashamed of not coming out and admitting thay have a problem but they will never say it. I lost another source of income just because \i was taking their work seriously but no more. I do no know what to do next.

  • Dec 18, 2014

Able Translations hires translators as independent contracters thus you are not protected by the Labour Board . When you dont receive your money you are expected to sue them. They owe me money for translating services since March 2014. I have called and emailed with response. I found the president on Linkedin and found that he sits on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, shameful to know that such a dishonest man holds that title with our province.

  • Jul 1, 2014

Able Translations has been bad at making payments to me for months now. I keep asking them for payment and they only give answers like: "I am checking, will have an answer in the next couple of days" or leave a message to accounting, but nothing concrete about payment.

This is not the first time this happens to me. I have contacted other interpreters and met other interpreters in the field and all report a similar situation, to the point that most are simply not taking appointments from Able Translations at all.

To their customers I am sure they invoice and get paid fine. Their director/owner just took a nice long holiday, so money is not an issue, Able Translations not only has been refusing to pay interpreters, they also have a unilateral contract where interpreters have no recourse and have to wait first for 2 months before getting payment for their work and then are lucky if get paid.

Other agencies do a much better work at taking care of their interpreters. Even WSIB is starting to use other agenceis (when before they would by default go to Able Translations).

For interperters and translators out there, I would recommend Exacta Interpreting and All Languages. They are far better at honouring their payments and don't make interpreters wait for 2 months before issuing payment (of sometimes small amounts which is ridiculous).

Interpreters get paid between 18 and 30 dollars an hour while Able Translations charges their clients between 80 and 120 dollars an hour. To top it off, not being able to pay the interpreters?

For any interpreters that plan on working for Able Translations, they may be ok for now, but they are systematically skipping on payments. You've been warned, you will end up getting the run-around for months and no payment for your work.

Able Translations deserves poor reviews, but I doubt anyone wants to go out in public.

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