Absolute Green Coffee

Country United States
State Ohio
City Mayfield Heights
Address 6105 Parkland Blvd - Suite 248
Phone 1.800.965.0627
Website http://www.absolutegreencoffeebean.com/

Absolute Green Coffee Reviews

  • May 14, 2015

I signed for a free trial of the products Absolute Garcinia and Absolute Green Coffee. Received my free trial and used for about a week. I stopped using the products and called the company to complain about them. A few weeks later I was charged $19.99 (without my consent) for enrollment in the dietary program. Called and again acomplained. Spent 45 minutes talking with low level customer service people up to managers in order to get my $19.99 refunded. 2 weeks later I get a new shipment of these products and am billed $88 and $84. Please note I had already complained and cancelled my involvement prior to the initial $19.99 charge. I again called the company and spent another 30 minutes doing the same thing to get my $88 refunded. They indicated they couldn't do anything about the $84 as that was a different company. (What? I certainly didn't authorize this second company to take money from my account!) Called them as well and wasted another 45 minutes dealing with low level cutomer service reips and finally what I am told was a manager. They finally agreed to refund me the additional $84 but it would take 15 days. In short these companies are complete scams in my opinion. They offer a free trial and then automatically ship you more products and charge you even after cancelling (several times now). I incurred overdrafgt fees to my account as a result of them charging me WITHOUT authorization to do so, and after I have complained/cancelled several times. A complete rip off. Save your money, your time, and your frustration and DO NOT do business with these companies - they are a scam to take your hard earned money, and make you jump through circles contacting multiple companies in order to try and get it back. SOOO not worth it at all!

  • Nov 26, 2014

Please read all fine print. I ordered a bottle of Absolute Green Coffee and Absolute Garcinia all you had to pay was shipping and you would get a 30 day supply. Not true you only had 15 days from the day you ordered to either return or pay the full amount of $85.00 per bottle. I thought 30 day free trial meant 30 day free trial. I guess they slipped it in when you checked a box saying you were 18 or older. Should of know nothing is free and no such thing as a full 30 day free trial. I called in 30 days but am stuck paying $160.00 for a product that does not even work. Again should of known no pills are going to make you lose weight. I have resisted buying pills in the past but just got caught up in all the adversiting . Please be aware DO NOT BUY ABSOLUTE GREEN COFFEE OR FOR THAT MATTER NO PILL IS GOING TO MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT.

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