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Country United States
State Aruba
City San Francisco
Address 650 Townsend Street Suite 475
Phone 800-627-6382

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  • Jul 26, 2014

I Invented a woman Feminine Dispenser, while working as an engineer at Lucent Technology and foster parent to 6 girls. I was excited because if this became a success nomore late nights at the store when the girls ran out of feminine products. IP & R contacted me feverishly 2 and 3 post cards per month.

After visiting with them, I thought I would try their services. They did not disclose to me that they were selling the company when they reeled me in. The new company was called Absolutely New, they did not contact me nor send me updates or return my phone calls. I still owed them $4,000.00, so I decided to call the accounting department. The same Accountant worked for the new company and was therefore familiar with me and my product.

He assurred me that someone would be contacting me. After months someone contacted me and told me they were sorry that I had fallen through the crack during the transition. They wanted to know if I wanted to sign a new contract? I asked if I had to pay all over again ? They said they would call me back.

2010 I received a call from the company letting me know that Kimberly-Clark had shown some interest. I peronally contacted Kimberly-Clark and Procter&Gamble via mail personally back in 2000 and they were not interested. Kimberly-Clark decided that they were still not interested. That is because they knew my utilty patent was going to expire in 2014.

This Absolutely New company had a website and my brochure was on this site, Then I was locked out and not allowed access. I had no more money to invest in the licensing of my product. I had no money to sue Absolutely New. I spent over $20,000.00 and I have nothing to show for it. This was a utility patent so it expires this year 2014. Procter&Gamble sent me a letter in july of 2000 indicating that I offered them the rights to my product, during the time that I owned the patent. They P&G then packaged a variety box of product after seeing my dispenser. It did not last because the tight cardboard boxes kept bursting on the shelf.

I designed this dispenser around procter&Gamble products because woman donot have a convenient way to store their products. What is the point of being an innovator if you loose your shirt trying to get your product to the market. Inventors please learn from me so that you are not ripped off.

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