Acceptance Auto Sales

Country United States
State Georgia
City Douglasville
Address 3620 Bankhead Hwy
Phone 770-949-8080

Acceptance Auto Sales Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2015

I purchased a car here. The sales person told me that he wanted 1500.00 down on the car. I gave them $2,000.00. After all was said and done i asked questions. I asked if they had grace periods etc. these people didnt have any written agreements. He told me that they have no grace period and if the carnote is goin to be late, to just call and let them know. They also informed me that they only accept Money Order payments via mail or Bring the Money order in. What carlot only accept money orders. three weeks later i mail off my little 160.00 carnote. I called and questioned them about my tag and why it wasnt registered yet. 3 days later they came and picked my car up saying that i should have called them when i mailed it off. They also said i could not come get my things out the car unless i got a deputy Sheriff to come out. Not only did i give them more down on the car than what they asked for. I mailed my payment and because i asked questions about the illeagal a** registration they just up and take the car. I am in process of Persuing a Law Suit against these illeagal so called dealer. Oh yeah the kicker she even gave me the phone number to their little phony supposed to be finance company and when i called this B#%[email protected] answered the phone like this "Hello" "Helloooooo" like what the hec kinda finance company answer the phone like that Then want to say you didnt pay your carnote.. Excuse me that 160 is not a factor my carnote was mailed, If they would stop being so cheap and illeagal and take website, debit or credit card transactions it would be better. What finance company only accepts Money Orders. PLEASE DON'T BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND SELL A ILLEAGAL CAR. I cant stand companies that take money from hard working consumers. Im a business owner myself and you will never here a complaint about my company that will not be addressed. Jereonn

  • Jul 28, 2014

I purchased a 2004 Honda Accord from Acceptance Auto Sales on 2/26/2014. MARIA was my sales person the day she seemed very sweet & understanding. My daughter was in town visiting & she wanted to make she I had a car before she went back home so we went to Acceptance to purchase me a car.

I was receiving phone calls from Acceptanc telling me that I need to add my daughter to my insurance & i was trying to understand why I needed to add my daughter to my insurance when I have 4 children. I kept asking them if it was a law now-a-day's that say u have to add your children to ur insurance.

So on Monday 7/21/2014 a message was left on my daughter's phone stating that my insurance had been canceled so on Tuesday morning i went to my insurance company to get proof that my insurance was never canceled & had them to FAX Acceptance papers also proofing that. I did all this on my lunch break so I went back to work. I got off at 6:30 on Tuesday walked outside to get in my car & it was gone.

I called Acceptance to see if they had my Car & they told me Yes & the manager was gone for the day & that I needed to call the next day around 11am to speak with him. So I goes to Acceptance on Wednesday with my paper work proofing I had insurance to get my car back & they tells me that they DON'T leave messages on phones about insurance & that my car was picked up for a TWO (2) day late payment. I tired to play voicemail for them but they told me that the message didn't come from them. WOW!!!! I'M SO PISSED ABOUT MY CAR BEING TAKING FROM ME FOR NO REASON.... ACCEPTANCE Auto SALES IS A TOTAL RIPOFF

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