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Country United States
State Benin
City Oakbrook Terrace
Address 900 Commerce Dr Suite 200
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Access Media 3, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 6, 2016

Being Held Hostage in NC

We moved into a community served by AM3 last April. It has been a nightmare. After several months we had a dish installed even though we were required to pay AM3 for service we did not have. We finally got internet and phone. We cannot rely on having internet and our security provider refuses to monitor our system using their phone service because it is unreliable. The outages for internet/cable are numerous throughout our community. One of the outages was due to the fact that AM3 had not paid their electric bill and power as cut off to their equipment. In addition, our developer has paid for equipment to allow AM3 to fix their outages. AM3 still gets our monthly payments. AM3 told our developer that they were unable to support our community and to find a new provider. The developer did that and the transition should take place this spring. Now AM3 is demanding money. Note that AM3 did not provide the infrastructure used in this community. They were the second service provider here.

This company should not be in business. I retired from the communications industry and I am embarrassed by the lack of ethics shown by the leadership of this company. I am not a fan of industry regulation but this is an example of what happens when there is a lack of regulation. I am fairly certain that the actions of AM3 in this case are going to result in legal action. Hopefully that will be enough bad publicity to put them out of business.

  • Jan 15, 2015

Where to start... I've had this service for roughly a month now. The only package for internet available at my location is 3Mbps for $19.99/mo. Price would be superb if I was able to get more than 500Kbps on average. If I am paying for 3Mbps then at minimum I should receive 1.5Mbps (half), which is still unacceptable, but I can't even get that. I've contacted this company several times; I've even sent an e-mail to the Regional Manager of the Texas area. No response. I can't get any response on social media. The only help I ever received was through their chat support.

The agent on chat support was relatively friendly, wanted to help out it seemed. So I gave the company benefit of the doubt and they scheduled a "technician" to come to the residence and troubleshoot the problems. Now, I have a background in technology/networking... I could not wait to see how their technician was going to troubleshoot. Of course, the company could not get a technician out for a few days, whatever, didn't expect much more from them.

The day arrives where the tech is supposed to come. He shows up, jeans, t-shirt, and a dinky looking badge. My first impression was just as expected, unprofessional. This is where it gets funny (and embarrassing), the "technician" does not move past our door way entrance. Does not run any troubleshooting, he didn't even TOUCH the modem, or the router. Router is ours, but didn't even bother touching HIS companies equipment. He instead calls CUSTOMER SERVICE and asks if they have a 10Mbps plan, the customer service rep advises him that they did not offer anything faster than 3Mbps.

The "technician" hangs up the phone and says, "Well that's your problem right there, we don't have a faster speed." I just looked at this man and told him to leave. I told him to tell his company that if they ever sent someone who doesn't know the BASICS of troubleshooting slow speeds, that I would file a lawsuit for fraudulent services. I still feel the need to put this company out of business. They ARE indeed fraudulent. They have a 1 star rating on Yelp out of 200+ reviews. If you go to their social media, it is nothing but unsatisfied customers receiving HORRIBLE speeds; I'm just dumbfounded as to how a company like this even becomes a company.

Worst of all, they ARE affiliated with DirecTV. This is the icing on the cake right here. First and foremost, if I was a spokesperson for DirecTV, I would make sure to cut any loose ends with this FRAUDULENT/FAKE ISP. They should not be receiving money from any man or woman. The speed tests I've endured are just awful. Not to mention I've seen other customers speed tests, just as bad if not worst... i.e.; 500+ ping (horrible quality line), 0.23Mbps download speeds (which are supposed to be 3.00Mbps), and 1.94Mbps upload speeds (the average internet surfer DOES NOT upload, so this is pretty much irrelevant as far as I'm concerned).

I am fed up with their non-existent excuses since they never contact me back. This company needs to be shut down. They are ripping customers off, and it's so sad.

I've decided to run a speed test, and here is my most recent result:

This is about the average on every single test. Unacceptable.

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