Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 1511 N. West Shore Blvd. Suite 350
Phone 813.873.2020

Acclaris Reviews

  • Jun 6, 2015

Acclaris was great until about 2013. From the glass door reviews I read, it appears that all their good employees got tired of waiting for opportunity and pay and left! So I suppose they hired anyone who could answer the phone and use a computer but forgot to train them! I was chosen for validation because apparently they needed to confirm that the same vice-president at my company who had been signing my tuition reimbursement papers for a year was still, in fact, signing them. Or maybe they needed to call the school I'd been at through a b.s. and now a master's to verify that the grade report I'd sent in, with my picture on it from the school's website did, in fact, come from the school. I called to find out what was going on, what the delay was, and I got every answer you could think of but the correct one. When I finally was told that I was going through validations, I left a bad review using the survey they offer on the website. Since then, my childcare and tuition have been delayed every time, and they even decided I needed to be validated again a few months later! Meanwhile, every employee around me using any type of reimbursement option had never and still has never been validated. Now they change their forms. They ask vague questions on it that even someone wit a college degree or two needs a tutorial on because it is impossible to figure out what they are asking for. I call in and am told "hold on, let me look at the form" because they don't know their product. I give the same instructions I received from that rep to my friend to help her out, both of our forms are declined. She calls and they tell her a different way to fill out the form, her claim is denied. A manager is never available and even if they were, they don't know either! How can I get a claim paid if nobody can tell me how to fill out the form?

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