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AccountNow Reviews

  • Jun 6, 2015

I ordered a prepaid debit card from Account Now. My tax refund was scheduled to be direct deposited on May 28,2015. I called company and told them i never received a card but my refund was being deposited so they told me they mailed two cards the first one on may 15th n second one may 19th. I asked why they mailed a second card i never requested a second card. On may 28 the next day or two after calling I received a card it had same routing but different account number and no funds on it i called them. and they said they would expedite my card and three days later i received a expedited card with a whole new account number (same routing) and it had no funds on it the card with the routing and account number my money was deposited to I never received they charged my account $25.00 for the card being expedited. Also they charged the card that i received -$25.00 so both accounts were charged expediting charges. Before i received the expedited card they provided me with a tracking number i called and asked for a tracking number for the card being sent that had my money on it and they told me it was unavailable. I asked them why would they expedite a card to me with a whole different account number and no money and demanded my money they then said they would transfer half my money to the card that i did receive the next day . They never transfer the money to the other card so i called them and they said they werent able to do it and for me to just wait because my card would come. So far i received two cards from them with two different account numbers and no money. When i call about my card it gives me two different card accounts to inquire about and one has info about my money. They keep changing their stories and lying to me constantly and will not send my money . And even charged me to expedite it. I even spoke with the supervisor and she said the tracking number wasnt available that i just had to wait. And several times i called they would just hang up on me

  • Dec 1, 2014

I purchased one of these cars to Pay for online purchase.the purchase Was denied but money removed From my acct.not only for the 50.00 purchase but for an additional 10.00.after countless calls and emails.four days of holding and getting cut off.i had to call visa and metabank the issuer to get a number that allowed me to Speak to Someone.there cust Service number is a continuas automaTed Loop.i Got ahold of Someone who told me the card Cant be used online.(not what Packard said on front)and id Have to wait 10 days to allow the merehätta to collect before my money would be returned(to which i said well You know they Cant accept it cause You just told me i Cant make online why do we Have to wait on something we know Will never happen.)then i Was told the 9.95 was charged for a monthly Maintenance already bought the card for 5.95.and Packard said one time fee im out 15.95for a card i never Got to use and my 50.00 is in limbo for god knows how long.i must now take another 50.00 to Pay for the item.i AM outraged a company like visa would allow its name to be associated With these not be lured in by visa logo.these people Have no concience and cannot be trusted.i could have bought a gift card and avoided this nightmare.some people may have money to just hand over for nothing but im a working mom of 3 and i TOP it off its christmas time.i also Was told they were having extreamly high call whigh i replyed"if your card wasnt a ripoff and people were happy would You Have so many calls?

  • May 9, 2014

I was very pleased banking with netspend. Then I received an accountnow card in the mail. Curious I activated it and gave my employer all the information to switch accounts. With netspend I was getting check every Wednesday mourning. Over 5 thousand a month! So I check account now today thinking since they advertise like netspend "" get paid 2 days quicker"" I figured they would stick to there word! No money yet. I got a "" pending transaction saying friday morning! Would be as fast as a paper check! I call em n get the run around with an indian woman who tells me THREE WEEKS!!!! Then I ask to speak to supervisor n says ok ill transfer you get put on hold annoying elevator music for 5 mins. Then the same woman gets on the phone claiming to be the supervisor saying it will take 2 MONTHS!!! After I called her out for being the other woman I get transfered 2 a women with a bad attitude saying you will get it on Fridays! Now iam changing the account to the rushcard because these people are frauds an very unprofessional! !!!! DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID! Only reason they claim its pending is so they can get the intrest lowlife unprofessional p.o.s!

  • Apr 21, 2014

So AccountNow recently sent me a card to update my old card since it was about to expire. I call the number on the card to activate it and have ot able to use because i recently started a new job and used it for direct deposit. The card was successfully acrivated and so i could be sure i went to check to see if it showed online which it didn't. I logged out and then logged back in just to refresh the system and i get a message saying that due to many unsuccessful attempts my account would be frozen and i have to fax my ID and a picture of the card that i was trying to use. I tried to call customer service and get to the machine saying i have a less then 1 minute wait time but no one ever picks up the line EVER! What can i do to resolve this?

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