AccountNow, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Ramon
Address 2603 Camino Ramon Suite 485
Phone 1-925-498-1800

AccountNow, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 22, 2015

Called customer service in June 2015 and reported card stolen. Never received another card but still got charged service charges for June and July. And they won't cancel my card until I pay both months service charges even though I didn't have a card. and they will keep telling me monthly until I pay it so I can cancel it. The customer service department was rude and would not even let me talk to manager.

  • Jul 6, 2015

On June 1st i file dispute of stolen money 687 from my ssi with police report also they had the 2 suspects who stole my money. I also fax dispite form also explaining my side of story. They send me a letter stating no error claim for the wrong ammout (583). Second most i called june 15 and still file another dispute june 26. Same answer but no proper cause. They not given a reason why theres no error claim

  • Jun 20, 2015

I used to count now to get my tax return because it was going to be more convenient coming on a card. I had to amend my tax return so I did just receive it this June 2013 on June 16th I withdrew 5000 from the bank and then almost another thousand at Walmart to purchase a vehicle. by the next morning account now had put a restriction on my card so I cannot use it anywhere for anything even though every cent on that card is my money. three days later and they're still telling me that a supervisor will eventually call me and I have to explain to the supervisor exactly what I spent my money on. I have never heard of a bank asking anyone what they spend their money on I've never heard of any institution asking anyone what they spend their money on. I do not see how it's any of accounts now Business where my money goes in what I do with it because it is my money that I worked for. I hope others can see this and do not make the mistake I did choose an account now to handle my tax returnI do not think it is the right of any company or bank handling someone else's hard earned money to ask them and make them explain what they spend their money on and until they're satisfied with the answer they are going to hold your hard earned money as long as they want.

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