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  • Jul 7, 2014

Lies Lies Lies Ace Logo Designs **** We will design 4 custom logos to evaluate 30 days for free. Their 1st rough draft was obviously a template and very poor quality. The redesign was same poor quality. 6 Logos total and total garbage! These logos looked nothing like their examples which most are very impressive on the website but what you get is not at all like the web examples. I emailed them 5 separate times requesting for my money back and each time they continued to harass me and ask why I want a refund and never did refund me my money. They also have multiple names to continue the fraud. Buyer beware, Caveat Emptor for Ace Logo Designs. He never answers the phone and I believe is a new company and a one man business.

Logo Theft

Should you choose to use one of these online logo sites, you may get more than you bargained for and discover that logo you bought from them wasn’t theirs to sell. Since the copyright laws on derivatives are framed in broad and often subjective guidelines, a surprising amount of these online logo services make a business out of re-purposing other designers’ work and selling it as their own — a point illustrated by veteran designer Von Glitschka in his post, LogoGate 2011. Von discovered that a popular discount logo service, LogoGarden, was not only ripping off many of his designs, but other designers’ work as well.


This word more than any other sums up the reason these online logo companies can get a logo design in front of you faster than a pizza. As the business progresses, it builds up an archive of artwork. At that point, a majority of the time, when a new design request comes in they will dig through the archive and use elements of old logos to create a Frankenstein. The result is that you get logos that look exactly the same. Take, for example, the following selection of logos from one of my “favorite” such online logo factories, LogoOnlinePros:

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