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City New Taipei City 221
Address 8/F, No. 88, Sec. 1, Xin Tai 5th Road, Xizhi
Phone 254.298.4402

Acer Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2015

I purchase this Acer laptop through QVC about a year and a half ago. I think Acer builds these things to die shortly after Warrenty expires. The computer won't boot up, and we get an error message on the opening screen saying "starting automatic repair". It's been like this for days. I searched the problem via Google and it looks like a whole lot of people have the same problem. Acres website doesn't mention it at all in their help pages though, even though the problem is all over the Internet. So I call Acer tech support. They tell me the Warrenty is expired and they are transferring me. I'm transferred to some guy who tells me that for $99.99 he will do this and that. I asked for a guarantee and he can't find one. Acer is a lousy company, with a lousy product and lousy scam tech support. Do yourself a favor and choose another brand- any other brand, when computer shopping.

  • May 16, 2015

Acer has to be the most unscrupulous and customer gauging company I have ever dealt with. I purchased my Acer Aspire U5-620 on February 14th, 2015. Less than 2 months later the touch screen stopped working. First I went to the Acer website to see if I needed to update a driver or something - nothing - your support website is pretty much useless. I finally had to call Acer support organization and after having to call back at least 4 times the only thing your support team can say is to "Restore" or Refresh" your computer and loose all your installed programs. When that doesn't work I'm told I have to send in my computer to get a driver updated. Really this is your response => send us your computer so we can update a driver - come on.

Then I'm told I have to pack the computer as per your 4 pages of instructions. Seriously - all the other computer companies I have dealt with send you the box to ship it in so they can be assured it will arrive safely. In other words they take responsibility for their products and actually want their customers to be satisfied and happy with their products. Why doesn't Acer do that ? Well I know why now. So you can blame your customers for damage they didn't do and charge them for repairs. I was told I didn't pack it properly and there is an "internal" crack in the LCD. I packed that computer exceeding your instructions using bubble wrap and Styrofoam but it's still my fault. I now have to pay $400.00 to repair a computer that I have had for less than 90 days because your internal driver cracked due to my not packing properly. This is just an Acer scam – sell poor quality products and make the consumer pay for any repairs regardless of whether you have owned the computer for 1 day or 1 year. Acer does not stand behind their product quality. Buyer Beware – if you have any problems with your Acer product (I guarantee you will); Acer will find a way to falsely claim “customer induced damage” and you will have to pay for any reapirs.

  • Mar 12, 2015

Have you ever been burned by ACER when you bought their crappy products? If you have had to deal with their customer service and found it basically nonexistent? Well here’s a heads up, especially if you live in the USA. But even if you don’t live in the USA ,but have SKYPE, Messenger or other ways to call around the world with your computer, Call Jennifer at ACER USA customer service at 254.298.4402 and b**** to her personally. She probably won’t answer, so leave a message but at least you will be getting your message across.

If that doesn’t work you can always FAX her at and leave her a nice pile of complaints to read thru. And if you want to b**** in person and kick some ACER a**, their address is 1394 Elkhart Road, in Temple Texas.

Another good avenue to complain is with the Federal Trade Commission in the USA. This is a government agency and with enough complaints, the FTC will come down on their a*s and have the power to shut ACER down and/or possibly get you a refund. It’s an easy, quick, fast complaint form to fill out online at

Another one I would highly recommend is the Better Business Bureau in Temple Texas as they will attempt to get a resolution or refund for you. You can file with them online at [email protected]

Then at you can add you complaint to the other 878 ACER complaints there. When you file a complaint there, all the other 878 complainers will see your complaints as well.

Then add your complaint to where out of 582 reviews, 538 are complaints. And there are other websites like CT watchdog, my 3 cents and,

for USA electronic websites, there is Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Radio Shack, Office Depot, Frys Electronics for starters. Just look for their website and Face Book pages and post there.

Run an Internet search for “ACER Complaints” and the list is endless and other websites to complain at. I have personally been complaining about ACER worldwide since 2012 to electronic vendor websites directly, ACER and vendor Face Book pages and have posted and messaged tens of thousands of their customers about their shitty products.

As a result, their sales from 2012 to 2014, their sales have dropped $89 MILLION dollars in sales, so the word is getting out about their crappy products. Join me and let’s drop them another $89 million this year.

[email protected]

  • Mar 11, 2015

ACER products are your problem…..But you can call Jennifer at USA corporate headquarters at 254.298.4402 and complain.

If you are selling any ACER products, you are creating problems for yourself while supporting a company with lousy products, lousy customer service, lack of warranty, etc. Here is the problem you are creating for yourself? You can go to any ACER Facebook pages around the world and ever one is littered with customer complaints. Or you can run your own net search for ACER complaints and the list is endless or simply click on any of these links and see for yourself.

Here is what happens when ACER refuses to honor their warranty and their favorite trick is to have you send in your product at your expense for “evaluation” which comes back as CID (Customer Induced Damage) as you are the only one that has used the product. That is if you can even get customer service to respond and as a vendor, you never need to deal with ACER customer service. Virtually non-existent.

So as a consumer and since ACER will not repair or replace their product, what is your only other solution? To return the product to the store where it was purchased and ask for a full refund. And most vendors try to keep a good reputation, will do that. This way, ACER’S problem becomes yours while you are making them a profit.

We all made the same mistake of reading ACER reviews instead of ACER complaints. Reviews are usually always good, the pros and the cons of the product and don’t reflect true complaints. Now I ONLY look for complaints before I buy anything and let their product speak for its self.

While ACER has done the best to slow us down on Facebook, it certainly hasn’t stopped us, nor will they. And we definitely got excellent worldwide coverage. I just set up a new email address and FB page, got an IP hider for tracking and I can always use my roommates computer or tablet as well as an internet cafe. All their efforts are a mere bump in the road. But we have kicked it up another notch over which they have zero control. Going directly to their vendors website with our complaints and me covering the USA, includes Target, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Radio Shack, Sears, Staples, Office Max/Depot, Sam’s Club and more.

Mi amigos are covering the Malaysia and Pakistan area and we have picked up me more pissed off consumers but basically have heard back from ACER in the Philippines, Africa, EU, UK, Thailand, USA and Mexico. Jennifer from corporate customer service USA and “reached out” to me but has very short arms cause she simply pulled and ACER and did nothing.

Since ACER pissed me off in 2012, I have been trashing them around the world for 2 ½ years and their sales are down $89 million. Let’s see? At 2 ½ years, that is about 912 days divided into $89 million is $97,587 A DAY in lost sales!!! That is some serious change. And we have about 330 more days to go this year or another $33,000,000 at this current rate……LOL

Searching for ACER complaints, at this site 94% rated it horrible out of 418 reviews.

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