Country United States
State China
City Concord
Address 1000 Progress Place
Phone 8772661010

ACN INC Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2014

The two individuals made it seem that they can save me money on my utilities and I specifically told them that I don't need to sign up my phone because I have 20% off already because I'm a Nurse and I only pay 20-34 dollars a month on my gas so I am interested in saving money in my electriic bill though. John said he can do that and I said I would like a fixed rate. Once I paid my $499.00 to ACN he changed his story he said he couldn't sign me up on electric because they don't do that and wanted to see my gas and phone bill. I told him "No thank you" because I had specified it several times I wasn't interested in that. I just feel its's deceiving and would like others to be careful.

  • Jul 8, 2014

My name is Steve i joined ACN in December /2013 as an IBO, i was given a paper with how much money you can make and how an saw a CD with the company overview and what they were selling in a back office of this guy Mike Delomonico and never given anything further, he asked for $500 so he can build me a website to attract others like me to buy energy and other essential services at a cheaper price then con-ed,or national grid energy for example,i was never given anything else about the company or the do's and don'ts of this company and i was told in no un-certain terms by this guy Mike go out there and get customers anyway u i did i got 224 customers and then was asked how i got all these customers in such a short period of time and i told them i went knocking on doors, they then (ACN) said you can't go just to anyone to ask them to sign up thats "cold-Marketing" we only allow "Warm Marketing" meaning people you already know... I said no one told me... they came back to me 5-8 days later and told me i am de-activated as an IBO because i did "Cold Marketing" i said no one ever told me that and i was not given any literature on the Do's And Don'ts of this company by Mike Delomonico or Patrick DOWLING, or his wife MRS. DOWLING, or PATRICK & MICHAEL MASER or any of those other crooks of ACN

  • Apr 21, 2014

Do not use ACN for anything. It will cost you more monEy it is such a rop-off. Never use them and learn from my mistake. It is a terrible company!

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